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All types of accommodation in Japan

Listing for all types of accommodation in Japan


Hotel for a business person. There are lots of chain hotels such as APA Hotel, Toyoko Inns, Super hotel, Daiwa Roynet Hotels, Tokyu Hotels, dormy inn, Hearton Hotel, mystays, rootinn hotels, etc. They mostly don’t serve dinner, but breakfast.

ゲストハウス [GUEST HOUSE]=ホステル[HOSTEL]:

Accommodation type guesthouse can stay from one night, but sometimes there are some of the residential type guesthouses that can be stayed from 1 month, which is almost the same as a shared house. Youth Hostel belongs to Japan Youth Hostels(a member of the International Youth Hostel Federation) relatively larger than other hostels and located an inconvenient place. Guesthouse often is run by an individual person, relatively smaller than the hostel.

旅館 [Ryokan]:

Traditional Japanese inns. They often located near hot springs with nature or sightseeing places. Their rooms are basically tatami flooring. Meals called Kaiseki Ryori dinner are often served in your room. A maid comes to your room and lay out the futon. Most of Ryokans supply baths with natural hot spring.

民宿 [Minsyuku]:

Cheaper Japanese inns than Ryokan. Closer to B&Bs. The bathroom and toilet should be a shared one. Most of them have a large bath such as a public bath. Dinner and breakfast are supplied, but not served in your room.


Traditional townhouse located in an old historic town can be booked as MINPAKU through Airbnb or etc., There is no staff or front desk in there. You can accommodate a whole house.


カプセルホテル [CAPSULE HOTEL]:

Mainly targeting a male businessman, guests sleep in small capsules with a TV, power outlet, and/or radio. shared bathroom and coin lockers are usually provided.


Vacation rentals by owner, newly categorized accommodation style regally so that local people can easily start a vacation rental business. It has to be given permission from the public health center. But paperwork is much easier than normal accommodation businesses such as a hotel, ryokan or hostel. And initial investment should be also much cheaper than them. You can search for this type of accommodation by or Air B&B.
– STAY JAPAN is an accommodation searching site specialized in a farm stay, which is called 農家民泊 [NOUKA MINPAKU]

– VACATION STAY is an accommodation searching site including many Minpaku properties. Especially a number of resort properties are listed on the site.


Temple Lodgings, you can spend the night at some Buddhist temple lodgings. A stay often includes two vegetarian meals. You may have the opportunity to join the morning prayers. The most popular place is Mt. Koya.

マンガ喫茶 [MANGA KISSA]=インターネットカフェ [INTERNET CAFE]:

Familiar with young people, and they call Manga Kissa for “Mankitsu”, Internet Cafe for “Net cafe”. They provide seats or booths to read the manga (Japanese comics) and surf the internet. Many of them are open 24 hours and provide various amenities that make them an option for low-budget overnight stays.

ラブホテル [LOVE HOTEL]:

It’s for couples to enjoy their lovely time. You can choose many kinds of rooms, which have a creative mood. Also, it can stay only for 2-3 hours during the daytime. You can NOT find any Love Hotel in the residential area because it’s regulated by law.

キャンプ [CAMP]:

Recently camping is getting popular here in Japan. Unfortunately, there is no booking site that can be searched in English. This is the largest Camp Searching Site “なっぷ”