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[Complete Guide] Listing for all Supermarket brands (55) in Kansai ( Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, Wakayama)


International supermarkets in Kansai

コストコ [COSTCO] (こすとこ)

Costco is a membership warehouse type store that offers products at the lowest possible price. Large volume items are available at low prices that are close to wholesale prices. The store is a well-known retailer in the United States and has an English-speaking staff.
Since it is a membership, you have to pay 4,400 yen (excluding tax) per year.
(Online sales are also available.)There are stores all over Japan. ( In Kansai, Amagasaki city, Kobe Tarumi-ku, Yawata city, Izumi city)
Store listings (English available) :


明治屋 [MEIJI-YA] (めいじや)

It is a long-established supermarket that imports carefully selected high-quality foodstuffs, wines and liquors directly from abroad and sells excellent domestic products.
Original brands include jams, various canned goods, corned beef in plastic cups, pasta and pasta sauces, and a total of about 300 items.
(Online sales are also available.)

There are stores all over Japan. ( In Kansai, 2 stores in Osaka, 2 stores in Kyoto, Ashiya city, and Kobe city)
Store listings (English available) :


カルディコーヒー [KALDI COFFEE] (かるでぃこーひー)

As the name implies, Kaldi Coffee is primarily concerned with coffee beans, but you can also buy other imported foodstuffs, snacks, seasonings and liquor. The store is unique in that it features an array of rare and unique products from around the world. (Online sales are also available.)
You can also sample coffee in the store.

There are stores all over Japan.
Store listings (Only Japanese) :


ジュピター [JUPITAR] (じゅぴたー)

Jupiter offers a wide selection of foods from around the world, including wine, cheese, candy and canned goods. Like Kaldi Coffee, you can find a large variety of coffee beans to find your particular taste.

There are stores all over Japan.
Store listings (Only Japanese) :



Japanese local supermarket in Kansai


Super cheap Supermarkets in Kansai

業務スーパー [GYOMU SUPER] (ぎょうむすーぱー)

ghomu-supermarketGyomu means wholesale market. It is used by professionals who run restaurants as a place to stock large quantities of ingredients, but ordinary consumers can also use it. Because of its very large capacity, it is inexpensive when calculated on a per gram basis. There are also many imported brands that are not often found in other supermarkets.
There are also many original products of the company, and those with the name “Kobe Bussan” on them are the company’s own brand.There are stores all over Japan.
Store listings (Only Japanese) :


サンディ [SUNDI] (さんでぃ)

sandy-supermarketThe company operates more than 160 “box stores” mainly in the Kansai area.
Sandy is not a supermarket, but a box store company. Box stores, also known as hard discount stores (HDS), were imported from Germany in 1980. It may be rare in Japan, but it is a mainstream business model in Europe.
Its main features are narrowing down the number of items, displaying items by the case, and cutting down on over-servicing to keep the selling price low.There are stores all over the Kansai region and some in Kanto.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


スーパー玉出 [SUPER TAMADE] (すーぱーたまで)

tamade-supermarketThe head office is located in Tamade, Nishinari-ku, Osaka. Most stores are open 24 hours a day. This supermarket is only located in Osaka (one store in Hyogo), but is famous nationwide for its cheap prices and flashy appearance. The exterior is as eccentric as a pachinko parlor. It has a unique sales strategy of selling certain items for one yen each day. 1円セール [1 YEN SALE] (いちえんせーる)

There are stores all over Osaka and one in Amagasaki.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


LAMU (らむー)

By displaying products in their cardboard boxes, they cut costs. This is a large store with a parking lot and a large selection of products. Vegetables, meat, fish, and prepared foods are all incredibly inexpensive.  At the Pakpakku takoyaki (octopus dumplings) stall located next to the store, you can buy a six-pack for just 100 yen.

There are stores all over Japan (mainly west side of Japan). In Kansai (Kakogawa City, Himeji City, Kobe Nada-ku, Settsu City, Osaka Konohana-ku, Akashi City, Akoh City, Tanba Sasayama City, Nara City, Sennan City, Kobe Suma-ku, Sakai City, Kusatsu City, Kanzaki Gun Fukusaki-cho, Kishiwada City, Sakurai City, Wakayama City, Soura-gun Seika-cho, Otsu City Ogoto, Katsuragi City, Moriyama City, Aioi City, Kishiwada City, Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Nishinari-ku, Minami Kawachi-gun Taishi-cho, Sakai Naka-ku, Ibaraki City, Daito City)
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


Mid-range to Upscale Supermarkets in Kansai

生活共同組合コープこうべ [SEIKATSU KYODO KUMIAI CO-OP] (せいかつきょうどうくみあい こーぷこうべ)

coop-kobe-supermarketIt is the oldest of Japan’s regional co-ops, and even today the power of the co-op is very strong in the Hanshin area due to its legacy. You don’t have to be a member to shop at a Co-op, but if you become a member, you can receive special benefits such as a point system and discounted products.
They have a home delivery service in which products ordered from a catalog are delivered on a certain day of the week. There is also a cooperative purchasing system for groups of people living in the neighborhood. Overall, prices are a bit high, but Coop is committed to providing safe and reliable food.
People in the Kansai region call them 生協 [SEIKYOU](せいきょう) and コープさん[COOP SAN] in a friendly way.There are stores all over Hyogo Pref.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


阪急OASIS [HANKYU OASIS] (はんきゅうおあしす)

A supermarket located near the Hankyu train line. They have a large selection of high quality and specialty foods. Like a European marché, they place great importance on communication with people. Freshly made food is available, and you can also try out their products.
They hold cooking classes and publish an information magazine on how to eat seasonal produce.There are stores mostly in Osaka and Hyogo Pref. and some in Kyoto.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


成城石井 [SEIJO ISHII] (せいじょういしい)

They seek out and import attractive products from all over the world. They have also developed many original products. They are not cheap, but they have many valuable ingredients that can only be bought at Seijo Ishii. There are many stores in the Kanto area and not so many in the Kansai area. Since they target high-income foreign residents, there is a website in English.

There are stores all over Japan ( In Kansai, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, Shiga Pref.)
Store listings (English ) :


いかりスーパー [IKARI SUPER] (いかりすーぱー)

It is famous as a high-class supermarket in the Kansai area. The company has opened many stores in the Hanshin area ( Ashiya city, Nishinomiya city, Amagasaki city, Takarazuka city) located in neat the stations along the 阪急 [HANKYU] (はんきゅう) Railway line.
This company has own factories for sweets, Japanese foods, Western foods, Chinese foods, and breads etc., and develops its own products, and also they have its own import company that imports carefully selected ingredients from all over the world. The cashier put all the items into paper bags.There are stores all over Japan ( In Kansai, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, Shiga Pref.)
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


北野エース [KITANO ACE] (きたのえーす)

The company has stores nationwide, but is not as well known in the Kansai region. However, they have a large selection of unusual foods not found in regular supermarkets, and many people buy them as souvenirs. In particular, they have a wide variety of retort pouch curries, which are lined up like a bookshelf.

There are stores all over Japan ( In Kansai, Wakayama city, Takatsuki city, Osaka Kita-ku, Yao city, Ikeda city, Himeji city, Himeji city, Hirakata city, Suita city, Kyoto Fushimi-ku, Kyoto Shimogyo-ku, Osaka Tennoji-ku, Kobe Suma-ku, Akashi city, Kobe Tarumi-ku, Osaka Naniwa-ku.)
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


パントリー&ラッキー [PANTRY & LUCKY] (ぱんとりー&らっきー)

The company’s six plants produce 1,000 food items under its own brand, including dashi broth, tofu, Japanese sweets, pickles, sushi, rice balls, prepared foods, hams and sausages. They insist on using only the highest quality ingredients with the least amount of food additives.

There are stores mainly in Osaka and Hyogo. ( 1 in Kyoto and Nara )
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :



A general merchandise store (GMS) located throughout the Kansai region

イトーヨーカドー [ITO YOKADO] (いとーようかどう)

ito-yokado-supermarketIt is a subsidiary of Seven & i Holdings and operates stores throughout the country, mainly in the Kanto area.
It is a general supermarket that handles food, fresh food, daily necessities, clothing, home appliances, nursing care products, and medicines, etc. Its private brand is セブンプレミアム [SEVEN PREMIUM] “7 Premium”.
You can save money by using “nanaco”, the electronic money provided by the Seven & i Group.

There are stores all over Japan.
Store listings (English) :

AEON  (いおん)

– ダイエー[DAIEI] (だいえー)

– グルメシティ[GROUMET CITY] (ぐるめしてぃ)

aeon-supermarketIt is one of Japan’s largest general merchandise stores operated by the Aeon Group, and ranks first in Japan in terms of sales in the supermarket industry. You can save money by using “waon”, the electronic money provided by the AEON Group.
AEON Group also owns several supermarket brands such as マックスバリュ[MAXVALU] (まっくすばりゅ)”Maxvalu”, ピーコックストア [PEACOK STORE], KOYHO, マルナカ [MARUNAKA], and ダイエー [DAIEI] (だいえー) / グルメシティ[GROUMET CITY] (ぐるめしてぃ).

daiei-supermarketThere are stores all over Japan.
Store listings (Only Japanese) :


イズミヤ [IZUMIYA] (いずみや)

A general merchandise store (GMS) that carries a wide range of clothing, food, and household goods. Many are located near train stations. Smaller stores, mainly selling groceries and other daily necessities, operate under the デイリーカナート [DAILY CNART] (でいりーかなーと) brand.

There are stores all over the Kansai region.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :

平和堂 [HEIWADO] (へいわどう)

The company’s head office is located in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, and is the most famous supermarket store in Shiga Prefecture. The company has another brand アルプラザ [ALPLAZA] (あるぷらざ) , which it operates as a commercial complex. Also there is another brand フレンドマード [FRIEND MART], which are focusing on a supermarket.

There are stores all over the Kansai region.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


Regular Supermarkets located throughout the Kansai region

万代 [MANDAI] (まんだい)

There are 100 stores in the whole of Osaka. Vegetables are brought in from nearby farmers. Fish and shellfish are also contracted directly to fishing ports as well. In addition to instant foods and snacks, they develop a variety of products ranging from daily necessities to kitchenware and alcoholic beverages, making it possible to buy quality and safe products at a fair price.

There are stores all over the Kansai region.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


関西スーパー [KANSAI SUPER] (かんさいすーぱー)

Kansai Super Market is located mainly in Osaka and Kobe. They sell products that have been carefully selected for their freshness and taste at reasonable prices. They have created a system for preserving freshness with local producers and manufacturers, so the freshness and selection of fresh food is outstanding.
The vegetables are made with attention to soil and fertilizer, and the beef is sold in cooperation with a ranch that handles everything from breeding to fattening to delivery, making it safe and secure. They also offer a wide range of side dishes such as boiled and cooked food made from bonito and kelp, sushi using fresh fish, and freshly fried tempura.

There are stores all over the Osaka Pref. and Hanshin area.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :

ライフ [LIFE] (らいふ)

It has established itself as one of the largest supermarket chains. Some of the larger stores sell clothing and other items. It has the largest number of stores in Osaka and can be found anywhere, regardless of location. It sells a private brand, Smile Life. They also sell their products online.

There are stores all over Kansai and Kanto area.
Store listings (Only Japanese ) :


The company has the largest number of stores in Wakayama and Nara prefectures, but it also has many stores in Mie, Osaka, Gifu, and Aichi prefectures. The company operates SUPER CENTER OKUWA with a large selection of clothing and household goods,  MESA OKUWA which offers a high quality foods, and プライスカット [PRICE CUT] which pursues low prices.

There are stores all over Nara and Wakayama.
Store listings in English :

フレスコ [FRESCO] (ふれすこ)

It is a very famous supermarket in Kyoto, with the largest number of stores in the city. It has a small number of stores in Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, and Hyogo, but is not well known in those areas. Its best feature is that it is open 24 hours a day. The company also operates a discount brand, COREMO. They are also developing a private brand called Fgreen and Fprice.

There are stores all over Kyoto, Osaka ( some stores in Hyogo and Shiga).
Store listings in English :

Local supermarkets in Kansai

KOHYO (こうよう)

There are stores in Osaka Pref (Osaka city, Toyonaka City, Minoh city, Suita city, Takatsuki city, Ibaraki city, Izumi city, Sakai city), Hyogo Pref. (Kobe Chuo-ku, Kobe Nishi-ku, Kobe Suma-ku, Kobe Higashinada-ku, Kobe Hyogo-ku, Amagasaki city, Nishinomiya city, Ashiya city, Kawanishi city, Takarazuka city, Ikoma city, Nara city)
Store listings (only Japanese)  :

スーパーマーケット KINSHO [SUPER MARKET KINSHO] (すーぱーまーけっときんしょう)

There are stores in Osaka and Nara Pref., located in near the station on 近鉄 [KINTETSU] (きんてつ) Kintetsu Railway.
Store listings (only Japanese) :

フレスト [FREST] (ふれすと)

There are 6 stores mainly in Osaka Pref. (Hirakata city, Neyagawa city, Kyotanabe city, Osaka city Tenmabashi, located in near the stations on 京阪 [KEIHAN] (けいはん) Keihan Railway.
Store listings (only Japanese) :

TOP WORLD  (とっぷわーるど)

There are 13 stores mainly east side of Osaka Pref. (Hirakata city, Neyagawa city, Takatsuki city, Daito city, Kadoma city, Katano city) and Kyoto Pref. (Kuze gun Kmiyama), located in near the stations on 京阪 [KEIHAN] (けいはん) Keihan Railway.
Store listings (only Japanese) :

モリタ屋 [MORITAYA]  (もりたや)

There are 6 stores mainly in Takatsuki city.  Originally a beef shop, they also run some 焼き肉 [Yakiniku] (やきにく) restaurants and a 鉄板焼 [TEPPAN YAKI] (てっぱんやき) restaurant.
Store listings (only Japanese) :


yamada-store-supermarketThere are 8 stores mainly west part of Hyogo Pref. ( Akashi city, Takasago city, Himeji city, Kakogawa city )
Store listings (only Japanese) :

マルヤス [MARUYASU] (まるやす)

There are stores in Osaka city, Takatsuki city, Ibaraki city, Neyagawa city, Settsu city, Toyonaka city, Suita city, Minoh city
Store listings (only Japanese) :

マルナカ [MARUNAKA] (まるなか)

There are stores in Awaji Shima Island (Hyogo Pref.) They also have stores in Shikoku Island (Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime and Kohchi Pref.)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

トーホーストア [TOHO STORE] (とーほーすとあ)

There are stores in Hyogo Pref. (Kobe city, Akashi city, Kako gun, Takasago city, Himeji city, Miki city, Kakogawa city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

フレッシュバザール [FLESH BAZAAR] (ふれっしゅばざーる) / バザールタウン [BAZAAR TOWN] (ばざーるたうん)

There are stores in countryside of Kyoto Pref. (Fukuchiyama city, Ayabe city, Miyazu city, Maizuru city, Yosa gun, Kyotango city, Tantan city, Kameoka city, Nagaoka city, Joto city), Hyogo Pref. (Toyooka city, Mikata gun, Yabu city, Asago city, Taka gun, Tanba sasayama city, Nishiwaki city, Ono city, Miki city, Kasai city, Katoh city, Kanzaki gun, Himeji city, Kobe city ) and Osaka Pref. (Hirakata city, Takatsuki city, Suita city, Neyagawa city) and Fukui Pref. (Obama city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :


There are stores in Tango Peninsula Area, (Miyazu city, Yosa gun, Kyotango city, Toyooka city, Yabu city, Maizuru city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :


There are 6 stores in Nara Pref.
Store listings in English :

ヤオヒコ [YAOHIKO]   (やおひこ)

There are 13 stores mainly in mainly Nara Pref. (Kita Katsuragi gun, Kashiba city, Kashihara city, Nara city Tomio,  Nabari City, Kashiwara city, Ikoma city,  Yao city, Ikoma gun Sango cho)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

アプロ[APPRO] (あぷろ)

There are stores in Osaka City and other cities (Matsubara, Fujiidera, Izumi Otsu, Kashiwara, Sakai, Higashi Osaka, Moriguchi, Kadoma, Neyagawa, Yao, Hirakata, Ikeda, Minoh, Toyonaka, Ibaraki, Uji, Nishinomiya, Amagasaki)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

マツモト[MATSUMOTO] (まつもと)

There are stores in Kyoto City and other cities (Nagaoka, Mukou, Uji, Kameoka, Nantan, Ayabe) in Kyoto Pref.
Store listings (only Japanese) :

スーパーマルハチ[SUPER MARUHACHI] (すーぱーまるはち)

There are stores in Hanshin area ( Kobe, Nishinomiya, Amagasaki, west of Osaka)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

SANKO (さんこう)

There are stores in Osaka Pref.(Osaka City, Yao City, Sakai City, Higashi Osaka City)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

Food Market Satake  (ふーどまーけっとさたけ)

There are stores in mainly Osaka Pref. ( Osaka city, Suita city, Settsu city, Ibaraki city, Yao city, Kadoma, Amagasaki city, Moriguchi city, Suita city, Neyagawa city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :


There are stores in mainly Osaka Pref. ( Osaka city, Yao city, Ikeda city, Neyagawa city, Hirakata city, Higashi Osaka city, Matsubara city, Uji city, Katsuragi city, Yamato Kooriyama city)
This company also operates a chain of specialty confectionery stores.
Store listings (only Japanese) :

アカシヤ [AKASHIYA] (あかしや)

There are 6 stores in Osaka city, Toyonaka city, Hirakata city, Yao city, Amagasaki city and Nishinomiya city.
Store listings (only Japanese) :

Food Net Market  (ふーどねっとまーけっと)

There are 9 stores in Suita city, Toyonaka city, Kawanishi city, Ikeda city, Ibaraki city, Takatsuki city, Kyoto fushimi-ku, Suita city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

ニッコー [NIKKO]  (にっこー)

There are 8 stores in Ibaraki city, Suita city, Osaka Higashi yodogawa-ku, Itami city, Osaka Taisho-ku, Hirakata city, Katano city, Osaka Minato-ku)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

スーパーナショナル [SUPER NATIONAL]  (すーぱーなしょなる)

There are 10 stores in Osaka city (Yodogawa-ku, Taisho-ku, Suminoe-ku, Asahi-ku, Minato-ku, Sumiyochi-ku)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

サンエー [SAN-EI]  (さんえー)

There are 13 stores in Osaka city, Kishiwada city, Izumi city, Sakai city, Amagasaki city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

サボイ [SAVOI]  (さぼい)

There are 8 stores in Osaka city (Taisho-ku, Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku) , Sakai city, Takatsuki city, Settsu city.
Store listings (only Japanese) :

ビス [BIS]  (びす) / フレッシュマーケットアオイ [FLESH MARKET AOI] (ふれっしゅまーけっとあおい)

There are 4 stores in Osaka city and 1 store in Fujiidera city as BIS, and there are 3 stores in Yao city and 1 store in Kashiwara city and 1 store in Osaka Abeno-ku as Flesh Market Aoi.
Store listings (only Japanese) :

サンプラザ [SUNPLAZA]  (さんぷらざ)

There are stores in Habikino city, Fujiidera city, Kashiwara city, Yao city, Matsubara city, Sakai city, Tondabayashi city, Kawachi nagano city, Minami kawachi gun, Kashihara city, Kaizuka city, Takaishi city, Sayama city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

マルアイ [MARUAI]  (まるあい)

There are stores in Hyogo Pref (Nishinomiya city, Kobe Hyoto-ku, Kobe Suma-ku, Kobe Tarumi-ku, Kobe Nishi-ku, Kobe Higashinara-ku, Akashi city, Kakogawa city, Kako gun Harima-cho, Kako gun Inami-cho, Miki city, Takasago city, Himeji city, Tatsuno city, Shisou city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

マツヤスーパー [MATSUYA SUPER] (まつやすーぱー)

There are 8 stores in Kyoto and Shiga Pref. ( Yamachina city, Uji city, Joyo city, Otsu city, Kusatsu city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

新鮮激安市場 [SHINSEN GEKIYASU ICHIBA]  (しんせんげきやすいちば)

There are 13 stores in Kyoto Pref. ( Kyoto city, Uji city, Kyoto Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto Fushimi-ku, Muko city, Kyoto Minami-ku, Kyoto Saikyo-ku)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

生鮮館なかむら [SEISENKAN NAKAMURA]   (せいせんかんなかむら)

There are 10 stores in Kyoto city(Ihijoji, Satonomae, Simei, Horikawa, Kamigamo, Shirakawa, Kinugasa, Enmachi, Shimogamo, Kitayama)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

Evergreen  (えばーぐりーん)

There are stores in Wakayama (Hashimoto city, Iwade city, Ito gun Katsuragi, Arita gun Tagawa cho, Arita city, Kainan city,  Gobo city Yukawa cho, Arita gun Yuasa cho) and south side of Osaka (Kaizuka city, Sayama city, Kishiwada city, Izumi city, Sennan city, Hannan city), Nara Pref. (Sakurai city, Yamato takada city, Kashihara city, Kita katsuragi jun Kouryo cho, Shiki gun Tawaramoto cho)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

MATSUGEN  (まつげん)

There are stores mainly in Wakayama Pref. (Wakayama city, Kainan city, Arita city, Arita gun, Subo city)
Store listings (only Japanese) :

valor  (ばろー)

There are stores in Shiga, Kyoto and Osaka pref. ( Mainly in Tokai, Koushin and Hokuriku area ). Shiga Pref. (Otsu city, Hikone city, Nagahama city, Kusatsu city, Ritto city, Koga city, Takashima city, Maibara city), Kyoto Pref. (Kizugawa City, Kyoto city Fushimi-ku), Osaka Pref. (Neyagawa city, Takatsuki city, Osaka Higashi Yodogawa-ku)
Store listings (only Japanese) :