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2 types of Hankos : JITSUIN & MITOME IN

What’s the differences in between JITSUIN and MITOMEIN

実印 [JITSUIN] (じついん) : An individual’s seal that has been registered with the city or ward in advance. A seal that can be issued with a 印鑑証明 [INKAN SHOUMEI] (いんかんしょうめい) “seal certificate”.

On the other hand, a seal that has NOT been registered with the city or ward is called 認印 [MITOME IN] (みとめいん). It is used for everyday procedures such as receiving a package.

When you sign your name on an important document such as a contract of real estate, you are supposed to use your 実印 [JITSUIN] (じついん). When you use it, you will be asked to submit a 印鑑証明 [INKAN SHOUMEI] (いんかんしょうめい).