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What’s the difference in between a furnished apartment or a serviced apartment in Japan.

ファーニシュド アパートメント[FURNISHED APARTMENT]:

Monthly apartment rented by the month. Japanese business persons are not familiar with the name Furnished Apartment. They will search for it with the word “Monthly Mansion”. However, some management companies offer apartments with the furniture as a furnished apartment on the English website.  They are focusing on foreigners.  Actually, the properties selling as a furnished apartment should be the same as Monthly Mansion.

Pro(s)   Con(s) Lease Contract
It’s the same as Monthly Apartment. But if you search with the word “Furnished Apartment” in English and apply for a property on the English website, you will get service in English. It’s the same as Monthly Apartment. 定期借家契約 [TEIKI SHAKKA KEIYAKU]: Fixed-term lease contract
(A minimum staying the duration of 1 month.)


Serviced apartments are equipped with furniture, a kitchen, and appliances such as a washing machine, refrigerator, and TV, etc., which are not usually provided in hotels. In most cases, cooking utensils, rice cookers, microwave, and oven are also included in the kitchen. Not as much as in hotels, but there is a room cleaning service. The minimum period to stay is 1 month. Usually, it is used by employees of larger corporations or businesses.

Pro(s) Con(s) Lease Contract
  • Many offer weekly cleaning services and laundry services
  • You may have on-site facilities such as a fitness area.
  • Front desk services are included.
  • More expensive than other normal apartments
  • Lots of options in Tokyo, but quite a few in Osaka
定期借家契約 [TEIKI SHAKKA KEIYAKU]: Fixed-term lease contract
(A minimum staying the duration of 1 month.)


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