Advisor for RENOVATION, REPAIR, REAL ESTATE and CONSTRUCTION for foreigners living in Japan

I'm an advisor for RENOVATION, REPAIR, REAL ESTATE and CONSTRUCTION for foreigners living in Japan

In the beginning,

English Speaking Real Estate Agent
To all foreigners who will be living or are living in Japan,
For foreigners living in Japan, buying, selling, building, remodeling, or even repairing a house in Japan, the circumstances must be too different from those in their home countries.
Not only are there different laws and customs, but above all, finding a reliable contractor is probably the most difficult thing to do.

In addition, there are very few people who speak English in this kind of industry, and most companies send out information only in Japanese.
Therefore, I think it is extremely difficult for foreigners who cannot read Japanese to read reviews or gather information on the Internet.

And above all, renting, buying, selling, renovating, and repairing a house all require large expenses. You never want to make a mistake, right?

I have experience in real estate, construction, accommodation, share house business, tour business, etc. I speak English, though not very well.

I would like to help you make Japan your second home, and I look forward to serving you.



I can be a consultant or adviser for the below matters,


Daiku "carpenter" in JapanOnce you get used to living in Japan, don’t you want to renovate it to fit your lifestyle?
However the real estate industry as well as the building industry is also not open to foreigners. It is not easy to find an English-speaking building contractor when you are going to renovate your property. Alternatively, you can do your own DIY renovation without hiring a professional building contractor. But even then, what you buy and how you use it at the home improvement store will be very different from the situation in your country.


Water leaking in the sink in JapanAre you living in Japan and suffering from any of the problems listed below?

In your country, you may be able to solve these problems by yourself or have someone you can consult, but what about in Japan?

Unlike in your country, there are circumstances unique to Japan (different wattage and voltages, high humidity in Japan, measures to prepare for snow and earthquakes, etc.),


scaffolding man-japanese-tobi-shokunin-ashibaIf you buy an old house or condo and do a full renovation, or if you buy land and build a new house, you also need a reliable contractor. In Japan, even the major home builders don’t have nearly as many salespeople who can speak English. Building a house or fully renovating it from a skeleton state can cost a lot of money, unlike a minor renovation. It can be a once-in-a-lifetime investment with debt, so you can’t afford to fail. Unless you can speak Japanese and have lived in Japan for a long time and are familiar with Japanese culture, finding a reliable builder can be a challenge.


If you are going to live in Japan on a working holiday or studying abroad, you will probably need to find a place to live.
However, the Japanese real estate market is not open to foreigners. First of all, most real estate agencies do not speak English. And the building owners of rental apartments are often conservative, elderly private owners who are not keen on renting out their rooms to foreigners.

About me

English Speaking Real Estate AgentI have done a lot of work related to “real estate,” “renovation,” “repair,” and “construction” for foreigners living in Japan and for foreign tourists coming to Japan.
With these experiences, I decided to become an advisor on real estate, renovation, repair, and construction so that I can be of help to foreigners living in Japan and those who are planning to live in Japan.
I live in Kansai, so I can’t easily visit sites outside of Kansai, but in this day and age, I can talk online and watch videos of the sites.
My English is not good, but I try to explain things as clearly as I can.

I have these licenses,
– License of Real Estate Agent
– License of Travel Industry Management
– License of Fire Protection Management
– License of English Teachers

And also, I have these experiences,
– Application procedures of accommodation business License
– Application procedures of a working visa for a foreign employee
– A site supervisor of lots of renovation sites
– Drawing floor plans of renovation ( I am Not an architect, but I have a business partner who is an architect.)
-Managing a lodging business

Advisor for Renovation, Repair, Construction and Real Estate

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Advisor for Renovation, Repair, Construction and Real Estate