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How to choose the Real estate agencies [8 popular franchise agencies]

Which realtor should I choose? The features for major real estate companies.


アパマンショップ [APAMAN SHOP] (あぱまん しょっぷ)

Real estate Company "Apaman"
  • They boast the largest number of stores among rental housing brokers.
  • There are stores in all 47 prefectures in Japan, so the support area is nationwide
  • Many stores, so there are many properties to handle
  • Due to the large number of employees and stores, the quality of customer service is uneven
  • Sales agents tend to be pushy
  • 仲介手数料 [CHUKAI TESURYO] (ちゅうかいてすうりょう) “Brokerage fee” is equal to one month’s rent

ピタットハウス [PITATTO HOUSE] (ぴたっと はうす)

Real estate Company "Pitatto House"
  • It has stores in all of Japan as well as 35 cities abroad.
  • There are many properties that allow you to pay rent with a credit card
  • The screening process tends to be more stringent than other real estate agencies. There are also a few more documents to submit when applying to move in.
  • Sales agents are not pushy.

ミニミニ [MINIMINI] (みにみに)

  • There are stores all over Japan.
  • Many properties are for single people and few for families
  • Have to have a credit card for the mini-mini
  • Since there are many properties managed by themselves, they tend to give priority to those properties on suggesting properties.
  • 仲介手数料 [CHUKAI TESURYO] (ちゅうかいてすうりょう) “Brokerage fee” is half the rent.
  • Set plans with furniture and appliances
  • Services to support you in setting up the Internet

賃貸住宅サービス [CHINTAI JYUTAKU SERVICE] (ちんたいじゅうたくさーびす)

 Real estate Company "Chintai Jutaku Service"
  • Many stores in the Kansai area, few in the Kanto area
  • You can pay the rent and initial costs with a credit card
  • You can search for a room by using LINE. (Osaka and Hyogo only)
  • If you become a member, you will receive a variety of benefits
    (e.g., discounted brokerage fees, free Internet installation, discounted moving fees, etc.)

センチュリー21 [CENTURY 21] (せんちゅりーとぅえんてぃーわん)

Real estate Company "Century21"
  • In many cases, real estate agencies that have been in the local area for a long time have been converted to Century 21 through franchising and are likely to have staff members who are familiar with the area’s information
  • A service (Lease Back Service) that allow you to sell the property you own and still continue to live in it as a tenant.
  • Not many stores across the country and not many properties that are available. However, there are stores in other countries and you can search for properties abroad.


リブマックス [LIVE MAX] (りぶまっくす)

Real estate Company "Live Max"
  • Managing Monthly apartments or Weekly apartments
  • 仲介手数料 [CHUKAI TESURYO] (ちゅうかいてすうりょう) “Brokerage fee” is half the rent.
  • Have a property that comes with furniture and appliances
  • Many properties have no initial fees (security deposit and key money)
  • Many staff with poor customer service

レオパレス [LEOPALACE] (れおぱれす)

Real estate Company "Leopalace21"
  • Many properties have higher rents than others because they are equipped with furniture and appliances.
  • Many are wooden two-story apartments, often with a reputation for thin walls.
  • No guarantor is required but you must join a guarantee company. A guarantee fee is required.
  • There is a “monthly contract” that allows you to specify the length of your stay for a minimum of 30 days. Since you can move out in a short period of time, it can be used as a temporary residence.
  • They have original services such as Wifi internet facilities (LeoNet) and a system (Leo Lock)  that allows you to unlock the front door with your smartphone


エイブル [ABLE] (えいぶる)

Real estate Company "Able"
  • 仲介手数料 [CHUKAI TESURYO] (ちゅうかいてすうりょう) “Brokerage fee” is half the rent.
  • Many properties have no initial fees (security deposit and key money)
  • Sales agents tend to be pushy
  • There are some reputations that there exist おとり物件 [OTORI BUKKEN] (おとりぶっけん)”Fictitious properties just to catch the eye of the customer, despite the fact that they do not actually exist”
  • A service that allow you to rent home appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and microwaves