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English Shiga Prefecture Map – All local governments (Cities, Towns, Villages) included

English Shiga Prefecture Map

For Japanese, it is not difficult to read and write the names of local government (cities, towns and villages). Also, if the name of the area is in the vicinity of where you live, you may have heard of many place names, such as station names, name of local governments, high school names. However, for foreigners, it is very difficult to understand how to read the names of regions in Japanese, as they are different from the normal way of reading them. In spite of the fact that it is difficult to read the Kanji itself.
So I created a English Shiga Map with all the cities, towns, villages and areas listed on it in Kanji, Hiragana and Romaji, which should be very helpful for foreigners.

In Shiga, there are 13 cities, 6 towns and 0 villages. In total 19 地方自治体 [CHIHOU JICHITAI] (ちほうじちたい) “local governments”.

*滋賀県 [Shiga-ken] (しが けん) is one of the 都道府県 [To Do Fu Ken] (とどうふけん).
*都道府県 [To Do Fu Ken] (とどうふけん) consist of 47 prefectures. (43 県[Ken](けん) , 2 府 [Fu](ふ) “Urban prefectures”; Osaka Fu and Kyoto Fu, 1 道 [Dō] (どう) “Circuit/Territory”; Hokkai Dō and 1 都 [To] (と); Tokyo To.
*To know more detail information about Japanese addressing system, please refer to Wikipedia


県庁所在地:Prefectural Capital

大津市 [Otsu-shi] (おおつ し)

WHERE IS 南部 [NANBU] (なんぶ) area IN SHIGA?

草津市 [Kusatsu-shi] (くさつ し)
守山市 [Moriyama-shi] (もりやま し)
栗東市 [Ritto-shi] (りっとう し)
野洲市 [Yasu-shi] (やす し)

WHERE IS 甲賀 [Koka] (こうか) area IN SHIGA?

甲賀市 [Koka-shi] (こうが し)
湖南市 [Konan-shi] (こなん し)

WHERE IS 東近江 [Higashi Omi] (ひがしおうみ) area IN SHIGA?

東近江市 [Higashi Omi-shi] (ひがしおうみ し)
近江八幡市 [Omi Hachiman-shi] (おうみ はちまん し)
蒲生郡 [Gamo-gun] (がもう ぐん) 日野町 [Hino-cho] (ひの ちょう)
蒲生郡 [Gamo-gun] (がもう ぐん) 竜王町 [Ryuoh-cho] (りゅうおう ちょう)

WHERE IS 湖東 [Koto] (ことう) area IN SHIGA?

彦根市 [Hikone-shi] (ひこね し)
愛知郡 [Aichi-gun] (あいち ぐん) 愛荘町 [Aisho-cho] (あいしょう ちょう)
犬上郡 [Inukami-gun] (いぬかみ ぐん) 豊郷町 [Toyosato-cho] (とよさと ちょう)
犬上郡 [Inukami-gun] (いぬかみ ぐん) 甲良町 [Koura-cho] (こうら ちょう)
犬上郡 [Inukami-gun] (いぬかみ ぐん) 多賀町 [Taga-cho] (たが ちょう)

WHERE IS 湖北 [Kohoku] (こほく) area IN SHIGA?

米原市 [Maibara-shi] (まいばら し)
長浜市 [Nagahama-shi] (ながはま し)

WHERE IS 高島 [Takashima] (たかしま) area IN SHIGA?

高島市 [Takashima-shi] (たかしま し)