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What’s LP GAS and TOSHI GAS?

What is the difference between LPガス [LP GAS] (えるぴーがす) and 都市ガス [TOSHI GAS] (としがす)?

都市ガス [TOSHI GAS] (としがす)

City gas. Gas supplied to a wide area by gas pipes piped into the city. City gas is available in most populated urban areas

LPガス=プロパンガス [LP GAS=PROPANE GAS] (えるぴーがす=ぷろぱんがす)

Abbreviation for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, We call it Propane Gas プロパンガス[PROPANE GAS] (ぷろぱんがす) as well.  Generally In areas where city gas (mostly the countryside) is not in the place you use for this LP Gas.  In each area there exist LP Gas providers who regularly deliver the tank.