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What’s SHKIKI KIN, REIKIN, and SHIKIBIKI? “Security Deposit”

What is the difference between 敷金[SHKIKI KIN], 礼金[REIKIN], and 敷引[SHIKIBIKI] ?


敷金 [SHIKIKIN] (しききん)

Money deposited by the tenant to the landlord at the time of entering into a new lease of a building for the following purposes
1. security for non-payment of rent or non-payment of rent
2. Advance payment of repair and restoration costs to be borne by the tenant according to the contract
When the contract is terminated in the future, the remaining amount after deducting the amounts mentioned in 1. and 2. above will be returned to the tenant. In the Kansai region, this is the practice of “Shikibiki”

敷引 [SHIKIBIKI] (しきびき)

A system whereby a certain portion of the security deposit paid by the tenant to the landlord is not returned to the tenant. This non-returnable amount. This is a practice only in the Kansai region.

礼金 [REIKIN] (れいきん)

Money paid by the tenant to the landlord when signing a new building lease as a gratuity for signing the lease. It will not be returned to the tenant when the contract is terminated and the tenant moves out in the future.