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What’s GENJOU KAIFUKU GIMU? “Obligation of restoration”

GENJOU KAIFUKU GIMU means the obligation of restoration.

The obligation to restore the property to its original condition is to restore the decrease in the value of the property caused by the lessee’s occupancy and use, such as willful negligence or negligence on the part of the lessee, breach of the duty of care of a good manager, or other wear and tear caused by use that exceeds normal use.

A security deposit or security deposit that you pay when you move in. These are money that the landlord takes in advance to cover the cost of restoring a room to its original state if it is stained or damaged by the tenant. Also, as the landlord, you can guarantee the risk of non-payment of rent by keeping a security deposit or security deposit.

Restoration isn’t about restoring them to the condition they were in when they moved in.

The tenant does not have to pay for any damage or stains caused by living in nature, but the landlord should pay for them within the security deposit.

So what’s the damage or stains caused by living in nature?

Here’s an excerpt of what I referred to the guideline “Guideline for preventing trouble in rental housing” made by Tokyo Pref.

Here is the just a rough guideline.  You have to check out the actual contract carefully.

It’s a burden on the tenant. It’s a burden on the landlord.
Lost the key or broke the lock inadvertently. Change the lock for the next tenant.
Broke the water heater by using it wrong. Since the lifetime of water heater has been exceeded, it was replaced with a new one.
Cigarette smoke stain walls nevertheless no smoking is allowed in the room. The blackheads are on the wall behind the fridge or TV.
The mold and stains have grown because the condensation has been left. There’s furniture marks on the floor.
The floor is scratched and sore by chairs with casters. The earthquake broke the glass.
I got a scratch on the wall during the moving process. The floor or the wall are faded by the sun.
My pet has scratched and smelled it.
To set the shelves in the wall, I created nail holes with nails and screws.