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What’s TSUBO?

How much are these real estate per 坪 [TSUBO] (つぼ) around this area?

“尺貫法” [SHAKKAN-HOU] : The traditional system of weights and measures is called shakkan-ho, from shaku, a unit of length, and kan, a unit of weight.

Shaku-kan method is originally derived from the body (a unit of measurement of a part of the human body).

1寸[ISSUN](イッスン) is approx.3cm
1尺[ISHYAKU](イッシャク) is approx.30cm
1間[IKKEN](イッケン) is approx.182cm
*equivalent to the long side of tatami

半間[HANGEN](ハンゲン)= (a half of IKKEN)is approx.91cm
*equivalent to the short side of tatami

1坪[ヒトツボ] is approx.3.3㎡
*equivalent to the size of 2 tatami mats

1sq m is approx. 0.325坪

Those who are familiar with real estate can intuitively understand the size of land, building, premise or house better than sq when they describ it.
But lease contrac or sales contract has to be denoted by sq. That’s what the law says.

Kansai local realtor often say “坪なんぼ?” ,it means that how much is the price per Tsubo?

Also marchants related to the construction (espesially the marchants related to fittings for an old house or a carpenter) often use IKKEN or HANGEN because
the size of between the pillars for a pair of sliding doors is the same size of IKKEN.