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Comparison a detached house and a condominium

If you were to buy a house in Japan, would you prefer a detached house? Would you like a condo?

Condominium A  detached house
Many properties are within walking distance of the station and are very convenient. Distance from the station Many properties take a long time to walk from the station or have a bus service.
Various security systems are in place, including security cameras and manned surveillance Security You should take measures to prevent windows and kitchen doors from breaking in.
Even if it’s installed on the premises, there’s a monthly fee to use it. Parking lot Often there’s space on the property, and you might be able to park two cars or a large vehicle.
It’s hard to expect to hear any living sounds at all because the units are adjacent to each other on the top, bottom, and left sides of the building. Sound Very few complaints about footsteps or vacuum cleaner noises that tend to occur in a condominium.
There are almost no interior steps. The flow of household chores is compact. barrier-free The stairs can be a burden in a structure where you hang your laundry upstairs to dry.
The private rooms are close together and you can see your family’s presence. Privacy Each room can be separated from the other in the layout to ensure family privacy.
Large apartments are equipped with a kids’ room, concierge, and guest rooms. Common facilities None
Some apartments allow pets, but there are restrictions on size, number of pets, and types of pets. Pets You don’t have to worry about the type or number of dogs, such as large dogs.
There is a management association and you have to attend the meetings. You have to pay management association fees. Neighbor socialization Participating in 町内会 [CHONAIKAI] neighborhood associations, trash duty, etc.