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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-わ(WA)-

Real estate Terms -わ(WA)-


ワンルーム [ONE ROOM] (わんるーむ)

Real estate ads show it as 1R.  There is only one room includes the kitchen, dining room and living room and bedroom. In Japanese it called “One room” ワンルーム. Typical room size for a 1R is about from 12 sqm to 19 sqm. There is no separation between the kitchen area and the bedroom.


和紙畳 [WASHI DADAMI] (わしだたみ)

Traditionally, tatami matting is made of いぐさ [IGUSA] “rush”, but Washi tatami is made of 和紙 [WASHI] (わし) with water-repellent treatment instead of it.