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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-ろ(RO)-

Real estate Terms -ろ(RO)-


ロールカーテン=ロールブラインド=ロールスクリーン [ROLL CURTAIN=ROLL BLIND=ROLL SCREEN] (ろーるかーてん=ろーるぶらいんど=ろーるすくりーん)

Ordinary curtains open and close from side to side, but in the case of ロールカーテン [ROLL CURTAIN] (ろーるかーてん), the fabric is rolled up and down and then rolled back up to open and close.


ローン特約 [LOAN TOKUYAKU] (ろーんとくやく)

When the buyer of real estate is about to purchase real estate on the premise of a loan from a financial institution, if the loan is not approved, the purchase of real estate itself may not be possible.
Therefore, in the actual real estate transaction, a special clause may be included in which the buyer can cancel the contract to purchase real estate and return to the blank page if the loan planned in advance is not approved by the financial institution etc. This 特約 [TOKUYAKU] (とくやく) “special clause” is called a “LOAN TOKUYAKU”.


路線価 [ROSENKA] (ろせんか)

The value per square meter of a road on which a series of housing lots that are deemed to be of roughly the same value face the road.

Based on the idea that the price level of residential land is basically determined by the road on which the land faces, the price level of residential land is indicated for each road.

In the public land evaluation, the roadside land prices are used in 相続財産評価 [SOUZOKU ZAISAN HYOUKA] (そうぞくざいさんひょうか) “inheritance property evaluation” and 固定資産税評価 [KOTEISHISANZE HYOUKA] (こていしさんぜいひょうか) “property tax evaluation”.


ロックウール [ROCK WOOL] (ろっくうーる)

Rock wool. It is excellent for insulation, heat retention and fire resistance.


ロフト [LOFT] (ろふと)

It has 2 meanings, as follows.

1. a room built using the space in the attic
2. Space that can be used as a storage room near the ceiling in a room with a large floor-to-ceiling height

In our country, it is mainly used in condominiums and apartments in the sense of 2.