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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-れ(RE)-

Real estate Terms -れ(RE)-


礼金 [REIKIN] (れいきん)

Money paid by the tenant to the landlord when signing a new building lease as a gratuity for signing the lease. It will not be returned to the tenant when the contract is terminated and the tenant moves out in the future.


レインズ [REINS] (れいんず)

Real Estate Information Network System
This is information Exchange System for Real Estate Properties.  Operated by 4 公益法人 [KOUEKI HOUJIN]  (こうえきほうじん) “public interest corporations” nationwide that are 指定流通機構 [SHITEI RYUTSU KIKOU] (していりゅうつうきこう) “designated distribution organizations” designated by the 国土交通大臣 [KOKUDO KOTSU DAIJIN] (こくどこうつうだいじん) Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Real estate companies that are members of SHITEI RYUTSU KIKOU use this network system to exchange daily real estate information in real time.


レンジフード [RANGE HOOD] (れんじふーど)

It is a device for exhausting smoke and steam generated during cooking, and is a combination of a hood that covers the top of the stove and an exhaust fan.


連帯保証人 [RENTAI HOSHOUNIN] (れんたいほしょうにん)

Cosigner. A guarantor (a person who is obligated to perform the obligation on behalf of the debtor when the debtor does not perform the obligation) who has exactly the same obligation as the debtor among the guarantors


レントロール [RENT-ROLL] (れんとろーる)

A list of lease terms and conditions for real estate. The terms and conditions, such as rent, security deposit, contract date, and contract period, and the tenant’s attributes are listed for each room.