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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-り(RI)-

Real estate Terms -り(RI)-


REIT [REIT] (りーと)

Real Estate Investment Trust


理事 [RIJI] (りじ)

Outside of a typical corporation such as 協会 [KYOUKAI] (きょうかい) “associations”, 学校 [GAKKOU] (がっこう) “schools”, hospitals and other organizations do not have a 取締役 [TORISHIMARIYAKU] (とりしまりやく) “director” position, but are run by a 理事 [RIJI] (りじ)  or 理事長 [RIJI CHOU] (りじしょう) position.


理事会 [RIJIKAI] (りじかい)

The organization that executes the business of the association in a condominium management association


リフォームローン [REFORM LOAN] (りふぉーむろーん)

Loans to renovate a home. Compared to a regular mortgage, the loan amount is generally smaller, the term of the loan is shorter, and no collateral is required in some cases.


琉球畳 [RYUKYU TATAMI] (りゅうきゅうたたみ)

Square tatami mat with no edges. Half size of a normal tatami mat


陸屋根 [RIKUYANE] (りくやね)

A type of roof with a horizontal slope