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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-ゆ(YU)-

Real estate Terms -ゆ(YU)-


床下収納[YUKASHITA SHUNOU] (ゆかしたしゅうのう)

Storage space under the floor


床暖房 [YUKADANBOU] (ゆかだんぼう)

A system in which a heating device is built into the floor and the floor is heated by the radiant heat. Heat generating devices include hot water pipes, hot air ducts, electric heating wires, etc.


床面積 [YUKAMENSEKI] (ゆかめんせき)

The area enclosed by the center line of a wall or other compartment on each floor of a building


ユニットバス [UNIT BATH] (ゆにっとばす)

Prefabricated bath (all-in-one type) which contains a bath sink with a shower, wash stand and toilet.


輸入住宅 [YUNYU JYUTAKU] (ゆにゅうじゅうたく)

A house that is designed in a foreign country and built in Japan based on the design. Materials are basically imported, and construction techniques may be introduced from abroad.


誘導灯 [YUDOUTOU] (ゆうどうとう)

A lighting fixture that helps people in a building know where the exits are and evacuate safely to the outside in the event of a disaster or power outage.