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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-み(MI)-

Real estate Terms -み(MI)-


御影石 [MIKAGE ISHI] (みかげいし)

Granite. Granite is also called MIKAGE ISHI because a large amount of granite was once found in the Mikage area of Hyogo Prefecture.


水回り [MIZUMAWARI] (みずまわり)

A generic term for kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms, etc., where plumbing and drainage facilities are installed.


認印 [MITOME IN] (みとめいん)

A seal that has not been registered with the city hall. Used for everyday procedures such as receiving a package.

* 実印 [JITSUIN] (じついん) : An individual’s seal that has been registered with the mayor of the city or ward in advance. A seal that can be issued with a 印鑑証明 [INKAN SHOUMEI] (いんかんしょうめい) “seal certificate”.


民家 [MINKA] (みんか)

In the old days, the houses of the common people who did not belong to the 貴族 [KIZOKU] (きぞく) “aristocracy” and 武士 [BUSHI] (ぶし) “warrior class” were called “MINKA”. Sometimes a house inhabited by people is simply called a “MINKA”.


民泊 [MINPAKU] (みんぱく)

Vacation rental, Bed & Breakfast. Renting out a room in a detached house or apartment to provide lodging services to travelers and business travelers.  It has got easier for even an individual owner to start the accommodation business without getting an accommodation license.  You can make a booking through AirbnbVrbo [Expedia Group] , Vacation  Stay [Rakuten Group] or STAY JAPAN

Pro(s) Con(s) Minumum of stay
  •  The traveler can experience the local life that you can’t get in a hotel (Accommodation license is not permitted in the residential area)
  • You can choose from a variety of room types, including apartments and houses. (If it is an apartment, it should be 分譲マンション[BUNJO MANSION]  or 賃貸マンション[CHINTAI MANSION]. )
  • Not only furniture and appliances but also linen and bath amenities will be equipped.
  • No need paperwork ( leasing contract )
  • In Airbnb, you may have to submit your ID depending on a property, but it’s not that complicated of a process like Monthly or Weekly Mansion.
  • In either an apartment or a single-house, there are no opportunities to meet other guests to communicate like a guesthouse.
  • You may find a property with an owner, but it should be very rare. You are supposed to receive a key without seeing anyone else.

国家戦略特区法 [KOKKA SENRYAKU TOKKU HOU]: 2 nights (It differs depending on the district.)




A new law 住宅宿泊事業法 [JYUTAKU SYUKUHAKU JIGYOU HOU] regulating private lodging businesses took effect in 2018 to cope with a shortage of accommodations amid a growing number of foreign tourists. The law allows anyone to lease their rooms for up to 180 days a year if they register with their local government in advance. Before starting this law, many individual owners had rented out their house or apartment illegally.
国家戦略特区法 [KOKKA SENRYAKU TOKKU HOU]took effort in 2013. According to this law, foreign tourists will be allowed to stay in the National Strategic Special Zone for a period of time (3 to 10 days) specified by ordinance based on a lease contract. Ohta Ward of Tokyo Pref., Osaka Pref. Osaka City, Kita-Kyusyu City of Fukuoka Pref. Niigata City, Chiba City are assigned to National Strategic Special Zone.