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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-ま(MA)-

Real estate Terms -ま(MA)-


前家賃=前払家賃 [MAEYACHIN=MAEBARAI YACHIN] (まえやちん=まえばらいやちん)

The next month’s rent paid when you sign a lease. Most rent is paid on a monthly basis.
Generally, you pay a pro-rated amount of rent for the month when you sign the lease, plus the next month’s rent for the following month. In this case the next month’s rent would be MAEYACHIN.


間口 [MAGUHI] (まぐち)

The length of contact between the land and the road. In the Edo period, a house tax was imposed for every 3 ken (1 ken = 1.8m) of MAGUCHI, so many old houses had a narrow MAGUCHI.


町家 [MACHIYA] (まちや)

In general, the shops face the street and the residential spaces are located behind them. MAGUHI facing the street is narrow and the buildings are long and narrow.


マスターリース [MASTER LEASE] (ますたーりーす)

Leasing a building in bulk when leasing commercial real estate. The building leased in a lump sum is subleased to the lessee who actually uses it. Master leases allow the property owner to outsource the leasing process.


間取り [MADORI] (まどり)

Layout of a house or room.
*間取り図 [MADORI ZU] (まどりず) : Floor plan in the drawing


マンション [MANSION] (まんしょん)

Generally, MANSION apartments are built with no limit on the number of floors, and are constructed of steel, reinforced concrete and steel reinforced concrete. In contrast, アパート [APART] (あぱーと) “apartments” have two to three floors and are made of wood or light steel.

* 賃貸マンション [CHINTAI MANSION] (ちんたいまんしょん)  is built to rent out each room
* 分譲マンション [BUNJOU MANSION] (ぶんじょうまんしょん) is built by major developers and each unit is sold individually.


マンションギャラリー [MANSION GALLERY] (まんしょんぎゃらりー)

A showroom for MANSION developers to introduce their own standardized equipment and specifications.

* モデルルーム [MODEL ROOM] (もでるるーむ)
Unlike a MANSION GALLERY, a MODEL ROOM is built temporarily in a different location than where the MANSION will be built in order to sell a particular MANSION. Newly constructed MANSION condominiums are often sold in an unfinished state, so you can see samples of the actual finishes, construction methods, and equipment of the units.


マンスリーマンション [MONTHLY MANSION] (まんすりーまんしょん)

A MANSHION leased on a monthly basis. They are generally furnished and equipped with basic necessities and can be moved in with a simple procedure. Businessmen often use it for business travel purposes.

It is often run as a long-stay hotel or short-term rental housing, but there is no clear distinction between the two. If the lease period is longer than one month, it is not considered to be a hotel. Therefore, a short term rental agreement would be signed.