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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-ほ(HO),ぼ(BO),ぽ(PO)-

Real estate Terms -ほ(HO),ぼ(BO),ぽ(PO)-


防音サッシ [BOUON SASH] (ぼうおんさっし)

Sash with high sound insulation effect


防火壁 [BOUKA HEKI] (ぼうかへき)

Fire-resistant walls installed in buildings to prevent the spread of fire


防水パン=洗濯パン [BOUSUI PAN=SENTAKU PAN] (ぼうすいぱん=せんたくぱん)

Plastic base for the washing machine.
It serves to prevent waterproofing of the downstairs.


防犯カメラ [BOUHAN CAMERA] (ぼうはんかめら)

Video cameras to be used for security surveillance


防犯ガラス [BOUHAN GLASS] (ぼうはんがらす)

Difficult to break and highly effective at preventing intrusion, a special film is sandwiched between two sheets of glass, making it difficult to break and time-consuming to break.


保証金 [HOSHOUKIN] (ほしょうきん)

The purpose of the deposit is to cover the cost in case there are rent arrears. A portion of the deposit is deducted to cover the cost of repairs, etc. when you move out.

There are two types of security deposit: one that secures the rent obligation to the tenant like 敷引 [SHIKIBIKI] (しきびき) and is returned at the time of vacating if there is no obligation, and one that is paid as a temporary consideration and is not returned at the time of vacating like the 礼金 [REIKIN] (れいきん) “key money”.

In addition, when 敷引 [SHIKIBIKI] (しきびき) is specified as part of the deposit, the amount is not returned the same as the key money.

The obligation secured by the security deposit includes the obligation to restore the room to its original condition at the time of vacating, however, the subject damage is considered to exclude wear and tear due to normal use and ageing, and the lessee is not obligated to restore the property.


保証人 [HOSHOUNIN] (ほしょうにん)

Guarantor. A person who guarantees a person’s identity, debts, etc.
When you sign a lease contract, you are required to have a 連帯保証人 [RENTAI HOSHOU NIN] (れんたいほしょうにん) “co-signer”, not a guarantor. The cosigner is more responsible than the guarantor.


保養所 [HOYOUSHO] (ほようしょ)

Recreation facilities. There are a variety of purposes and management entities for facilities, such as those operated as a corporate welfare program, those operated by health insurance associations for the benefit of their members, and those established by local governments for the benefit of residents.