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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-へ(HE),べ(BE),ぺ (PE)-

Real estate Terms -へ(HE),べ(BE),ぺ (PE)-


ペアガラス [PAIR GLASS] (ぺあがらす)

A double glazed sash. To improve sound insulation and heat insulation, some types are designed to prevent condensation.

べた基礎 [BETAKISO] (べたきそ)

The base of the foundation is continuous without gaps and the base of the foundation is a single plate.


壁心=壁芯 [HEKISHIN] (へきしん)

When measuring the floor area of a building, the center line of the wall thickness is assumed to be the center line, and the area surrounded by this center line is considered to be the “floor area”.


別荘 [BESSOU] (べっそう)

A home owned in addition to the home in which you actually live. A house located in a summer or winter resort and used as a vacation home.


ペンダントライト [PENDENT LIGHT] (ぺんだんとらいと)

Pendent lump. Hanging lighting. In contrast to pendent lump, シーリングライト[CEILING LIGHT] (しーりんぐらいと) “ceiling lights” are fixed to the ceiling.


変動金利型 [HENDOU KINRI GATA] (へんどうきんりがた)

Mortgage loans for which the borrowing interest rate fluctuates during the borrowing period.

*固定金利型 [KOTEI KINRI GATA] (こていきんりがた) : The borrowing rate is fixed in the mortgage for the duration of the loan.