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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-ふ(FU),ぷ(PU)-

Real estate Terms -ふ(FU),ぷ(PU)-


風除室 [FUJO SHITSU] (ふうじょしつ)

A small space set up outside the entrance.

They are effective in maintaining indoor temperatures by reducing the inflow of outside air and wind blowing. They are often installed in cold areas to prevent wind, snow and cold air from entering the building. They are also sometimes installed at the entrance of buildings to increase the efficiency of heating and cooling.


吹抜け [FUKINUKE] (ふきぬけ)

Vaulted ceiling. A space that is open to the public from the bottom to the top without any part of it touching the floor over two floors. It is often provided in the entrance, living room, and stairs. It provides visual expansion.


袋地 [FUKUROJI] (ふくろじ)

Bagging, Sacking. Land where one piece of land is surrounded by other land and must pass through another piece of land in order to reach a public road.


襖 [FUSUMA] (ふすま)

A sliding door with a wooden frame covered with paper or cloth on both sides, used as a partition in a Japanese room.


フラット35 [FLAT 35] (ふらっとさんじゅうご)

A type of housing loan with a long-term fixed interest rate that is provided through a partnership between a private financial institution and the 住宅金融支援機構 [JYUTAKU KINYU SHIEN KIKOU] (じゅうたくきんゆうしえんきこう) “Japan Housing Finance Agency”.

The maximum loan period for Flat 35 is 35 years, during which time the interest rate is fixed. The houses eligible for the loans must meet the technical standards set by the Japan Housing Finance Agency. In addition to building a home, this loan can be used for the purchase of a new home, an existing home, or refinancing.


プレハブ住宅 [PUREHABU JYUTAKU] (ぷれはぶじゅうたく)

Prefabricated house. Prior to construction on site, materials are processed and assembled at the factory and then assembled on site.


ブロック塀 [BLOCK BEH] (ぶろっくべえ)

A wall made of concrete blocks


プロパンガス=LPガス [PROPANE GAS=LP GAS] (ぷろぱんがす=えるぴーがす)

Propane and butane liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are the main components of this gas fuel. In urban areas, 都市ガス [TOSHI GAS] (としがす) “city gas” is used, but in rural areas where city gas is not widely available, propane gas is used.


分譲賃貸 [BUNJOU CHINTAI] (ぶんじょうちんたい)

When an owner of a condominium for sale leases the condominium he owns, the rental property is called a BUNJOU CHINTAI.


分筆 [BUNPITSU] (ぶんぴつ)

The division of one plot of land into several lots in the 土地登記簿 [TOCHI TOUKIBO] (とちとうきぼ) “Land Registry”.