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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-ひ(HI),び(BI)-

Real estate Terms -ひ(HI),び(BI)-


BS放送 [BS HOUSOU] (びーえすほうそう)

Broadcasting Satellites. Satellite-based broadcasting service

There are two types of television broadcasts: terrestrial wave broadcasts and satellite broadcasts.
Terrestrial broadcasts transmit the radio waves by setting up relay stations between broadcast stations and homes. It is called 地上波 [CHIJOUHA] (ちじょうは) because it uses facilities on the ground to transmit the signal.
Satellite broadcasting uses satellites 36,000 km above the equator to send signals directly to homes

*CS : communication Satellites


Pタイル [P TILE] (ぴーたいる)

Plastic flooring material that is molded into a tile shape


光ファイバー [HIKARI FIBER] (ひかりふぁいばー)

A communication cable that allows optical signals to pass through thin fibers of glass or plastic.  Since communication data is exchanged by optical signals, it has the advantage of enabling high-speed, large-capacity information communication.


引き戸 [HIKIDO] (ひきど)

Doors that are guided by grooves or rails and slide sideways to open and close


引渡し[HIKIWATASHI] (ひきわたし)

The transfer of possession of control of real estate to the other party. HIKIWATASHI is generally conducted by handing over the keys of house or building.