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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-は(HA), ば(BA), ぱ(PA)-

Real estate Terms -は(HA), ば(BA), ぱ(PA)-


パーキング [PARKING] (ぱーきんぐ)

Parking lot


パーゴラ [PERGOLA] (ぱーごら)


A tunnel-like shelf built to intertwine ivy, wisteria and other vines. It is an open space that provides shade from the sun by plants and aesthetic beauty in a garden.


媒介報酬=仲介報酬 [BAIKAI HOUSYU=CHUKAI HOUSYU] (ばいかいほうしゅう=ちゅうかいほうしゅう)

The remuneration which can be received from a client on the basis of a 媒介契約=仲介契約 [BAIKAI KEIYAKU=BAIKAI KEIYAKU] (ばいかいけいやく=ちゅうかいけいやく) “agent contract” when buying and selling, exchanging, and borrowing are concluded by the mediation of a real estate dealer.

[ Maximum Amount of Remuneration for Mediation of Sales ]
1. For the portion of the value of the sale (excluding consumption tax on the value of the building) that is less than or equal to 2 million yen : 5% + consumption tax on this amount
2. More than 2,000,000 yen but not more than 4,000,000 yen : 4% + consumption tax on this amount
3. For the portion exceeding 4 million yen : 3% + consumption tax on this amount

For example, if the value of the purchase price (excluding the consumption tax on the building) is 10 million yen, the maximum amount of remuneration that can be paid by one of the clients is 5% of 2 million yen, 4% of 2 million yen, and 3% of 6 million yen plus the amount of consumption tax on each of the three percentages (however, this amount includes the amount equivalent to the consumption tax on remuneration).

[ Maximum Amount of Remuneration for Mediation of Lease ]
In the case of mediation of a lease of a house or a building, the maximum amount of remuneration that a real estate dealer can receive from both clients is the total of one month’s rent (excluding the consumption tax on the lease) plus the amount of the consumption tax thereon (this amount includes the amount equivalent to the consumption tax on the remuneration).

However, with regard to the lease of a building used for residential purposes, the remuneration which can be received from one of the clients shall not exceed 0.5 times the monthly rent plus the consumption tax thereon, except in the case where the consent of the client concerned has been obtained at the time of the request for mediation.


配偶者控除 [HAIGUSHA KOUJO] (はいぐうしゃこうじょ)

An income tax deduction that can be received by a spouse who meets certain requirements for income tax purposes.


ハウスメーカー[HOUSE MAKER] (はうすめーかー)

A company that primarily builds single-family homes.
Home builders sell their products and standardize and systematize the production of homes. Most of the actual construction work is carried out by 工務店 [KOUMUTEN] (こうむてん) “construction companies” and 大工 [DAIKU] (だいく) “private carpenters” as 下請け業者 [SHITAUKE GYOUSHA] (したうけぎょうしゃ) “subcontractors”.

[ Popular house builders ] 積水ハウス [SEKISUI HOUSE] (せきすいはうす)
住友林業 [SUMITOMO RINGYOU] (すみともりんぎょう)
パナホーム [PANA HOME] (ぱなほーむ)
タマホーム [TAMA HOME] (たまほーむ)
アイフルホーム [AIFUL HOME] (あいふるほーむ)
一条工務店 [ICHIJO KOUMUTEN] (いちじょうこうむてん)
三井ホーム [MITSUI HOME] (みついほーむ)
トヨタホーム [TOYOTA HOME] (とよたほーむ)
旭化成ホームズ [ASAHI KASEI HOMES] (あさひかせいほーむず)
クレバリーホーム [KUREBARI HOME] (くればりーほーむ)
ヤマダホームズ [YAMADA HOMES] (やまだほーむず)
ミサワホーム [MISAWA HOME] (みさわほーむ)
スウェーデンハウス [SWEDEN HOUSE] (すうぇーでんはうす)
ダイワハウス [DAIWA HOUSE] (だいわはうす)


ハウスクリーニング [HOUSE CLEANING] (はうすくりーにんぐ)

Residential cleaning services. Particularly, cleaning services for areas that require skills such as ventilation fans, wallpaper, bathrooms, toilets, etc.


掃き出し窓 [HAKIDASHI MADO] (はきだしまど)

A window that is open to the floor. The lower frame of the window is lower than the floor, allowing indoor dust and dirt to be swept outdoors.


ハザードマップ [HAZARD MAP] (はざーどまっぷ)

Map showing damage forecasts and evacuation information due to natural disasters


旗竿地 [HATASAO CHI] (はたさおち)

A narrow strip of land extending from a cul-de-sac meets the road. The shape of the land is like a flag on a pole.


幅木=巾木 [HABAKI] (はばき)

A decorative material applied horizontally at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor. It serves to protect the lowest part of the wall from damage, where things are likely to collide.


梁 [HARI] (はり)



はめ殺し窓 [HAMEGOROSHI MADO] (はめごろしまど)

A window that cannot be opened or closed, with the glass fixed to the frame