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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-の(NO)-

Real estate Terms -の(NO)-


納税証明書 [NOUZEI SHOUMEISHO] (のうぜいしょうめいしょ)

A document that proves that you have paid your taxes.
For example, income tax and corporate tax payment certificates are issued by the 税務署 [ZEIMUSHO] (ぜいむしょ) “tax office”.


農地 [NOUCHI] (のうち)

Generally speaking, “land used for the purpose of cultivation” is called 農地 [NOUCHI] (のうち)”agricultural land” (Agricultural Land Law).

In practice, there is often a dispute over whether a certain land is “NOUCHI” or not. In the past court cases, the following criteria have been established

1. Whether the land is “NOUCHI” or not is not related to 地目 [JIMOKU] (じもく) “the category of land” in the 登記簿 [TOUKIBO] (とうきぼ) “A book containing the record of the registration made for each lot or building”.
2. “NOUCHI” is land that is to be continuously cultivated. It is not “NOUCHI” if you grow vegetables temporarily until you build a house. Even if the land is fallow, if it is intended to be cultivated in the future, it is still “NOUCHI”.

In practice, it is safest to get confirmation from the 農業委員会 [NOUGYOU IINKAI] (のうぎょういいんかい) “agricultural committee of the municipality” when you deal with the land which is not sure whether it is a residential land or agricultural land.


延べ面積=延床面積 [NOBE MENSEKI=NOBE YUKA MENSEKI] (のべめんせき=のべゆかめんせき)

Total floor area of all floors of the building


法面 [NORIMEN] (のりめん)

Sloping surfaces in cuts and fills that cannot be used as residential land


ノンバンク [NON BANK] (のんばんく)

Non-bank financial institution. Financial institutions that do not engage in the deposit and savings business but only lending business (credit)