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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-ぬ(NU)-

Real estate Terms -ぬ(NU)-


布基礎 [NUNO KISO] (ぬのきそ)

Shaped foundation with unbroken footings along the foundation of the building


濡れ縁=外縁 [NURE EN=GAI EN] (ぬれえん=がいえん)

A rain-dappled 縁側 [ENGAWA] (えんがわ) on the outside of a building without a roof or wall.

*縁側 [ENGAWA] (えんがわ) : A place like a wooden hallway between a room and a garden. In the early Showa era, most of the wooden houses in Japan had this ENGAWA, which now seems like an extravagance. While its appearance has changed little by little, it is still alive in modern architecture, and it is still loved as a space for families to gather naturally.

ENGAWA is an interior space separated from the outside by a glass door, but NUREEN is located further outside of ENGAWA and is physically outdoors.