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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-に(NI)-

Real estate Terms -に(NI)-


2項道路=みなし道路 [NIKO DOURO=MINASHI DOURO] (にこうどうろ=みなしどうろ)

According to the Building Standards Law, a building site must border a “road under the Building Standards Law” with a length of 2 meters or more.

As a general rule, a “road under the Building Code” must be at least 4 meters wide.

However, because there are many roads less than 4 meters wide, the relief measure that the road is “regarded as a road under the Building Standard Law” is established if the following conditions are met (Article 42, Paragraph 2 of the Building Standard Law).

1. The width of the road must be less than 4m
2. buildings were actually standing in the street when the Building Standards Law was applied
3. roads that have been designated and bailed out by the governor or mayor
These roads are called 2項道路 [NIKOU DOURO] (にこうどうろ) in the name of the article.

There is a restriction on building on such a NIKOU DOURO road that it is not possible to build within 2 meters from the center line of the road. This is called セットバック[SETBACK] (せっとばっく) “setback”.


二重サッシ [NIJYU SASH] (さっしゅ)

A window in the form of two superimposed windows. It consists of exterior and interior windows.
Excellent insulation and soundproofing, but more expensive to install.

*ペアガラス [PAIR GLASS] (ぺあがらす) : A double glazed sash. To improve sound insulation and heat insulation, some types are designed to prevent condensation.


二世帯住宅 [NISETAI JYUTAKU] (にせたいじゅうたく)

Housing for parent and child households to live together.
Separate kitchens, entrances, bathrooms and toilets for each household.


入居審査 [NYUKYO SHINSA] (にゅうきょしんさ)

The determination of a tenant’s suitability as a lessee when renting a house. It is performed by the landlord or his agent prior to the conclusion of a rental contract.

In the tenant screening, it is common to check the ability to pay the rent and the appropriateness of the use of the house, but there are no fixed criteria.