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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-ち(CHI)-

Real estate Terms -ち(CHI)-


地役権 [CHIEKI KEN] (ちえきけん)

The right to use someone else’s land for the convenience of their own land


地価公示 [CHIKA KOUJI] (ちかこうじ)

不動産鑑定士 [FUDOUSAN KANTEISHI] (ふどうさんかんていし) A real estate appraiser evaluates more than 30,000 points (標準値[HYOUJUN CHI](ひょうじゅんち) across the country as of January 1 of each year as a reference date.


築年数 [CHIKUNEN SU] (ちくねんすう)

Refers to the number of years that have passed since the building was completed.


地権者 [CHIKEN SHA](ちけんしゃ)

A person who has the right to use and profit from the land


地籍 [CHISEKI] (ちせき)

Information shown on a parcel-by-parcel basis for land. Location, shape, area, state of use, ownership and other rights are shown.


地代 [CHIDAI] (ちだい)

The rent paid by the tenant to the landowner in a land lease contract or a landlord agreement.


地番 [CHIBAN] (ちばん)

The number of the land as it appears in the title section of the land register.


地目 [JIMOKU] (じもく)

The primary use of the land as determined by the Registrar of the Registry of Deeds.

The land category is determined by the current conditions and use of the land, and is limited to the following 23 types of land

Rice fields, fields, housing lots, school sites, railroad sites, salt ponds, mineral fields, ponds, ponds, forests, pastures, fields, cemeteries, precincts, canal land, water supply land, irrigation canals, reservoirs, dikes, ditches, ditches, security forests, public roads, parks, and miscellaneous land.


茶室 [CHASHITSU] (ちゃしつ)

A building or room built for 茶の湯 [CHANOYU] (ちゃのゆ).
Generally, it is equipped with an alcove and furnace and is covered with tatami mats.


仲介=媒介 [CHUKAI=BAIKAI] (ちゅうかい=ばいかい)



仲介手数料 [CHUKAI TESU RYOU] (ちゅうかいてすうりょう)

The remuneration which a real estate dealer can receive from a client based on a brokerage contract when buying and selling, exchanging and leasing are concluded through the mediation of a real estate dealer.


中間金 [CHUKAN KIN] (ちゅうかんきん)

Money to be delivered by the buyer to the seller as part of the purchase price after the sales contract is concluded.


中間検査 [CHUKAN KENSA] (ちゅうかんけんさ)

Interim inspection. The law designates certain intermediate processes in the new building construction process as 特定工程[TOKUTEI KOUTEI](とくていこうてい)”specific processes” and mandates an inspection at the completion of the specific process. At the same time, it is a strict requirement that construction work beyond the specified process will be completely stopped unless the interim inspection is passed.


中二階 [CHU NIKAI] (ちゅうにかい)

A floor built between the first and second floors


注文住宅 [CHUMON JYUTAKU] (ちゅうもんじゅうたく)

A house that is built by ordering construction work. It is generally a detached house.
You can decide on the design and layout of the house, and can change the design during construction. Unlike 建売住宅 [TATEURI JYUTAKU] (たてうりじゅうたく), you have to find the land yourself.


長期修繕計画 [CHOUKI SYUZEN KEIKAKU] (ちょうきしゅうぜんけいかく)

A long-term repair plan for condominiums prepared by the management association to maintain the performance of condominiums and prevent them from becoming obsolete.


調光器 [CHOUKOUKI] (ちょうこうき)

Device for adjusting the brightness of lighting