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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-す(SU),ず(ZU)-

Real estate Terms -す(SU),ず(ZU)-

数寄屋造り[SUKIYA ZUKURI] (すきやづくり)

It is considered to be a house style with a tea ceremony room style. The word “SUKI” is derived from the word “SUKIYA,” which refers to a preference for waka poetry, tea ceremony, ikebana and other forms of artistic expression.


スケルトン [SKELETON] (すけるとん)

A framework of a structure. When you close the store and move out, the contract decides whether to hand over the store in a skeleton state or in its current state.


筋かい [SUJIKAI] (すじかい)

A material that connects a post to a horizontal material such as a foundation diagonally along a diagonal line.


スレート葺き[SLATE BUKI](すれーとぶき)

One of the methods of finishing a roof, which is a shingle-formed slate


ステンドグラス [STAINED GLASS] (すたんどぐらす)

Painted colored glass