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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-く(KU),ぐ(GU)-

Real estate Terms -く(KU),ぐ(GU)-

クーリングオフ [COOLING OFF] (くーりんぐおふ)

A system that allows for the withdrawal or cancellation of a contract application for a certain period of time, unconditionally.

The withdrawal or termination must be given in writing. However, it is not necessary to indicate the reason for the withdrawal or cancellation, and the date of sending the notice should be clear.


区分所有権 [KUBUN SHOYU KEN] (くぶんしょゆうけん)

A building that consists of independent parts, such as condominiums, is called a 区分所有建物[KUBUN SHOYU TATEMONO] (くぶんしょゆうたてもの)

Each independent part of a KUBUN SHOYU TATEMONO building is referred to as 専有部分[SENYU BUBUN] (せんゆう ぶぶん)”exclusive area”.  KUBUN SHOYUKEN “Unit ownership” refers to the right to own this exclusive area.


繰越控除 [KURIKOSHI KOUJO] (くりこし こうじょ)

In the purpose of income taxation, it will be allowed income taxpayers to deduct losses incurred by the transfer of real estate (loss on transfer) for multiple years after the loss occurs.


クレセント [CRESCENT] (くれせんと)

This is a metal fitting for closing the doors of double sliding sashes and other doors.


クローゼット [CLOSET] (くろーぜっと)

A space arranged for the storage of clothes and household items. It is the same meaning as 押入れ [OSHIIRE] (おしいれ)


杭基礎 [KUI KISO] (くいきそ)

A foundation used when the building cannot be adequately supported by an ordinary foundation= 直接基礎 [CHOKUSETSU KISO] (ちょくせつきそ) Driving concrete or other piles to reach hard ground


クッションフロア [CUSHION] (くっしょん)

Materials containing a foaming agent for vinyl chloride flooring. It has heat and shock-absorbing properties and is also water resistant. For this reason, it is used as a flooring material in bathrooms, changing rooms and kitchens.


グラスウール [GLASS WOOL] (ぐらすうーる)

Fiberglass. It is used as a heat insulator due to its excellent heat insulation and heat retention properties.


グリル [GRILL, GRILLE] (ぐりる)

焼き網 [YAKIAMI](やきあみ) =Grill

鉄格子 [TETSU GOUSHI] (てつごうし) or 格子窓 [KOUSHI MADO] (こうしまど) = Grille


グループホーム [GROUP HOME] (ぐるーぷほーむ)

Nursing homes where the elderly live with staff. The aim is to slow the progression of dementia and reduce the burden of home care by spending time peacefully in a home-like, calm atmosphere.


グレーチング [GRATING] (ぐれーちんぐ)

Grating. It has a drainage function and is used for road and pathway ditch covers.


クロス [CLOTH] (くろす)

A thin fabric or vinyl or plastic decorative wallpaper used as a finishing material for ceilings and walls.