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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-お(O)-

Real estate Terms -お-

オーナーチェンジ [OWNER CHANGE] (おーなーちぇんじ)

To change the owner of building for investment with the tenant still occupied.  The purchaser doesn’t have to find a new renter.  If you become a new owner, attention should be paid to the handover of the security deposit held by the tenant and the handover of the building’s management rules.


オーブンレンジ [OBUN RENJI] (おーぶんれんじ)

Oven range is a cooking appliance that adds oven and grilling functions to a microwave oven. As well as oven heating for steaming with heated air, you can also use grill heating to sear directly from the heat of the heater, so you can cook a wider range of dishes.


追い焚き [OIDAKI] (おいだき)

The function of reheating the water in the bath to raise the temperature when the temperature of the water in the bath drops over time or due to bathing.


おとり広告 [OTORI KOUKOKU] (おとりこうこく)

A real estate advertisement that cannot be traded in actually.  It is often published on the internet in order to attract customers. This behavior is against for 宅地建物取引業法 [Buildings Transaction Business Act [TAKUCHI TATEMONO TORIHIKIGYO] (たくちたてものとりひきぎょう)


温水洗浄便座 [ONSUI SENJO BENZA] (おんすいせんじょうべんざ)

Toilet seats that blow out warm water to clean the anus. We also call for “ウォシュレット[Washlet] (うぉしゅれっと)”  or “シャワートイレ [Shower Toilet] (しゃわーといれ),” These are trademarks.


オートロック [AUTOLOCK] (おーとろっく)

Automatic door lock, The function that the door automatically locks when the door is closed.


オープンキッチン [OPEN KITCHEN] (おーぷんきっちん)

A cooking space that is integrated with the living room and dining room and has no partitions with the room.


オープンハウス [OPEN HOUSE] (おーぷんはうす)

This is a sales promotion activity in which the inside of the property to be sold is opened to prospective buyers by having a sales representative stay at the property for a certain period of time.


オール電化 [ALL DENKA] (おーるでんか)

A system that uses electricity to supply all the heat needed for heating and cooling, hot water supply, cooking, etc. in a house.


押入れ [OSHIIRE] (おしいれ)

Closet, generally defined as storage in Japanese style room to store bedding, clothes and other daily necessities


踊り場 [ODORIBA] (おどりば)

Staircase landing