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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-え(E)-

Real estate Terms -え-

営業マン [EIGYO MAN] (えいぎょうまん)

Salesman, not only for real estate industry, this word is in common for all industries.


LPガス=プロパンガス [LP GAS=PROPANE GAS] (えるぴーがす=ぷろぱんがす)

Abbreviation for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, We call it Propane Gas プロパンガス[PUROPAN GASU] (ぷろぱんがす) as well.  Generally In areas where city gas (mostly the countryside) is not in the place you use for this LP Gas.  In each area there exist LP Gas providers who regularly deliver the tank.


LED [L E D] (えるいーでぃ)

Light Emitting Diode, If you change the lighting into LED type, your electricity bill will be much cheaper.


エコキュート[ECO KYUTO] (えこきゅーと)

Equipment that boils water using the heat of the atmosphere to provide hot water.

*給湯器 [KYUTOKI](きゅうとうき): Equipment that boils directly from the water. Fuels used to heat water include city gas, propane gas, oil, and kerosene. Most of the cases are city gas.