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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-う(U)-

Real estate Terms -う-

ウィークリーマンション [WEEKLY MANSION] (うぃーくりーまんしょん)

Originally a regular rental apartment converted for a short-term resident, mainly businessman on a long business trip. You can sign up for a short-term rental agreement. The room is furnished with basic appliances.  The minimum length of stay is 7 nights.   Most of them are not licensed accommodation businesses, therefore there is no front reception.  You will be charged a cleaning fee or linen rental fee in addition to an accommodation fee.

* マンスリーマンション [MONTHLY MANSION] (まんすりーまんしょん): Almost the same condition as Weekly Mansion. Some of the buildings called Monthly Mansion can be also accepted to stay for a week.


内法 [UCHINORI] (うちのり)

When measuring the floor area of a building, the thickness of the wall is not taken into account, and only the area of the inner part of the wall is considered “floor area”.
*When measuring the floor area of a building, the centerline of the wall thickness is assumed to be the centerline of the wall thickness, and the area surrounded by this centerline is the “floor area”, which is called “壁芯 [HEKISHIN] (へきしん)”.  Since HEKISHIN is used generally, it is safe to assume that a floor plan of real estate advertising you often see is calculated by HEKISHIN .


売り主 [URINUSHI] (うりぬし)

In a real estate sales contract, the person (or corporation) who sells the real estate is called the “URINUSHI”.


内金 [UCHIKIN] (うちきん)

A cash deposit is a sum of money given by the buyer to the seller as part of the sales price after the sales contract has been concluded. It is often seen in building contracts 請負契約[UKEOIKEIYAKU](うけおいけいやく), but in a general real estate sales contract, there is not much exchange of “UCHIKIN”.

*手付金[TETSUKEKIN](てつけきん): A deposit from the buyer for a part of the sales price that the buyer gives to the seller when a sales contract is made for land, a detached house, an apartment, etc. It is stipulated in the Civil Code.


売建住宅 [URITATE JYUTAKU] (うりたてじゅうたく)

A single-house built as a subdivision housing by a developer. When subdividing a developed lot, the purchaser of the lot simultaneously orders the sub divider (developer) to build a house on the lot.

*建売住宅[TATEURI JYUTAKU] (たてうりじゅうたく): A single-house built on a subdivision housing and sold together with the site. A purchaser buys a house with the site.