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Glossary of Real Estate Terms in Japan-あ(A)-

Real estate Terms -あ-

アパート [APARTO] (あぱーと)

Rental apartment, most of them are two-story wooden structure.


雨戸 [AMADO] (あまど)

Storm door, Shutter


雨樋 [AMADOI] (あまどい)

Drainpipe, Gutter


頭金 [ATAMAKIN] (あたまきん)

Down payment


空き家 [AKIYA] (あきや)

Vacant house


青田売り[AOTAURI] (あおたうり)

Selling the lot or building before it is completed


RC [R C]

Reinforced concrete structure =鉄筋コンクリート構造 [TEKKIN KONKURITO ZO](てっきんこんくりーとぞう)