Advisor for RENOVATION, REPAIR, REAL ESTATE and CONSTRUCTION for foreigners living in Japan


Consultant or Advisor for RENOVATION, REPAIR, REAL ESTATE and CONSTRUCTION for foreigners living in Japan

I can be a consultant or adviser for the below matters,


Renovation in JapanOnce you get used to living in Japan, don’t you want to renovate it to fit your lifestyle?
However the real estate industry as well as the building industry is also not open to foreigners. It is not easy to find an English-speaking building contractor when you are going to renovate your property. Alternatively, you can do your own DIY renovation without hiring a professional building contractor. But even then, what you buy and how you use it at the home improvement store will be very different from the situation in your country.
If you have any of the below issues, please contact us for a consultation. We can refer you to a professional construction company. If you tell us what kind of DIY project you want to do, we can give you advice on how to do it in the home improvement store.

Large scale renovation work - Click [ + ]  –> to see the concrete samples
  • キッチンの場所をかえたい、アイランドキッチン (あいらんどきっちん)にしたい I want to change the location of the kitchen or make it an island kitchen.
  • 家全体をバリアフリー(ばりあふりー)にしたい I want to make my whole house barrier-free.
  • 家全体のレイアウト(れいあうと)を変えたい I want to change the layout of the whole house.
  • 床に床暖房 [yukadanbou] (ゆかだんぼう)を取り付けたい I want to install a floor heating system.
  • 洋室 [youshitsu] (ようしつ)を和室 [washitsu] (わしつ)に変えたい I want to convert a Western room into a Japanese room.
  • 茶室 [chashitsu] (ちゃしつ)を作りたい I want to make a tea ceremony room.
  • 部屋を防音 [bouon] (ぼうおん)の壁にしたい I want to put soundproof walls in my room.
  • 暖房効果 [danbou kouka] (だんぼうこうか)を高めたい I want to increase the heating effect.
  • オール電化 [all denka] (おーるでんか)にしたい I want to change to all-electric houses.
  • エコキュート、エネファーム、エコジョーズを取り付けたい。 I want to install エコキュート[ECO-CUTE](えこきゅーと), エネファーム[ENE-FARM] (えねふぁーむ), エコジョーズ [ECO-JOUZU] (えこじょうず) “Energy-saving water heaters”
  • 太陽光発電パネル [taiyouko hatsuden panel] (たいようこうはつでんぱねる)を屋根に取り付けたい I want to install solar power panels on my roof.
  • 家全体に防犯セキュリティシステムを取り入れたい I want to install a security system in the whole house.
大工工事 [DAIKU KOUJI] Carpenter Work - Click [ + ]  –> to see the concrete samples
  • テーブルを作りたい I want to make a table.
  • キッチンにカウンターテーブルをつくりたい I want to make a counter table in the kitchen.
  • 棚 [tana] (たな) を作りたい I want to build a shelf.
  • 犬小屋 [inugoya] (いぬごや)を作りたい I want to build a dog house.
  • 階段に手すり [tesuri] (てすり) をつけたい I want to put a handrail on the stairs
  • 床下 [yukashita] (ゆかした)に収納庫 [shunouko] (しゅうのうこ)を作りたい I want to make a storage room under the floor.
  • 部屋と部屋をつなげたい I want to connect room to room.
  • テレビを壁に取り付けたい I want to mount a TV on the wall.
  • 押入れ [oshiire] (おしいれ)を解体して収納スペースにしたい I want to dismantle a closet and turn it into a storage space.
  • 窓を二重ガラス [nijyu glass] (にじゅうがらす)=ペアガラス[pair glass] (ぺあがらす)に変えたい I want to change the windows to a double glazed one.
建具工事 [TATEGU KOUJI] Fittings Work - Click [ + ]  –> to see the concrete samples
  • ドアを取り替えたい I want to replace a door.
  • ドアを引き戸に変えたい I want to change a door to a sliding door.
  • 窓を取り替えたい I want to replace a window.
  • 網戸を交換したい I want to replace a screen door.
  • 窓に防犯用の格子 [koushi] (こうし)を取り付けたい I want to install a security grating on a window.
  • 障子、ふすまを張り替える I want to replace shoji and fusuma.
  • ドアクローザーを取り付けたい I want to install a door closer.
  • 窓の滑車 [kassha] (かっしゃ)を交換する I want to replace the pulley of the window.
  • 洋服掛け用のパイプを取り付けたい I want to mount a pipe for hanging clothes.
  • 玄関にオートロックの電気錠 [denkijo] (でんきじょう)をつけたい I want to install an auto-lock electric lock at the entrance.
  • 鍵付きのドアノブに交換したい I want to replace the door knob with a key.
  • 家の中から鍵をかけたい I want to lock the door from inside the house.
  • ドアに鍵を取り付けたい I want to install a lock on my door.
電気工事 [DENKI KOUJI] Electricity Work - Click [ + ]  –> to see the concrete samples
  • コンセント[consento] (こんせんと)の場所をかえたい I want to change the location of the power outlet.
  • 電気の容量をあげたい I want to increase the capacity of electricity
  • LANケーブルを他の部屋に配線したい I want to wire a LAN cable to another room
  • BSアンテナ、CSアンテナ、スカパーアンテナをとりつけたい I want to install a BS antenna, CS antenna, or SKY PerfecTV antenna
  • テレビコンセントの場所をかえる I want to change the location of the TV outlet.
  • 監視カメラをつけたい I want to install a surveillance camera.
  • エアコン[air-con] (えあこん)を取り付けたい I want to install an air conditioner
  • エアコンの室外機 [shitsugai ki] (しつがいき)の場所を変えたい I want to change the location of the outdoor unit of an air conditioner.
  • 照明 [shoumei] (しょうめい)の場所を変えたい I want to change the location of lighting.
  • ダウンライトをとりつけたい I want to install downlights.
  • 自動点灯の照明をつけたい、自動感知の照明をつけたい I want to install automatic lighting or automatic detection lighting.
  • ブレーカーを設置したい I want to install a breaker.
  • インターホンを取り付けたい I want to install an intercom.
  • 換気扇 [kankisen] (かんきせん)を取り替えたい、取り付けたい I want to replace an exhaust fan.
  • 電気スイッチ(すいっち)を取り付けたい I want to install a light switch.
  • 電話の場所を変えたいので、電話線 [denwa sen](でんわせん)=モジュラーケーブル “modular cable”を配線したい I want to change the location of the telephone, so I want to wire the telephone line.
  • インターネットモデム(いんたねっともでむ)の場所を変えたい I want to change the location of the internet modem.
  • IHコンロまたはガスコンロをとりかえたい I want to replace the IH stove or gas stove.
  • プロジェクター(ぷろじぇくたー)をつけたい I want to install a projector.
  • ホームシアター(ほーむしあたー)用のスピーカー(すぴーかー)を取り付けたい I want to install speakers for my home theater.
内装工事 [NAISOU KOUJI]  Interior Work - Click [ + ]  –> to see the concrete samples
  • 壁紙 [kabegami] (かべがみ)に塗料 [toryo] (とりょう)を塗りたい I want to put paint on wallpaper.
  • 壁紙に漆喰 [shikkui] (しっくい)を塗りたい I want to paint wallpaper with plaster.
  • 和室の畳 [tatami] (たたみ)を張り替えたい I want to replace tatami mats in a Japanese-style room.
  • 壁紙 [kabegami] (かべがみ)=クロス(くろす)を張り替えたい I want to change wallpaper.
  • 壁に絵を飾りたい I want to decorate the wall with pictures
  • 窓にカーテンレール (かーてんれーる)をつけたい I want to put a curtain rail on a window.
  • 窓にブライドを取り付けたい I want to put blinds on windows.
  • 窓にロールカーテンをとりつけたい I want to put a rolled curtain on windows.
  • 階段に滑り止め [suberidome] (すべりどめ)を貼りたい I want to put anti-slip tape on stairs.
  • カーテン(かーてん)を取り替えたい I want to replace curtains.
  • レースカーテン (れーすかーてん)を取り替えたい I want to replace lace curtains.
  • 窓に防犯フィルム [bouhan film] (ぼうはんふぃるむ)を張りたい I want to put a security film on a window.
  • 窓に目隠しフィルム [mekakushi] (めかくし)を張りたい I want to put a frosted glass film on a window.
設備工事 [SETSUBI KOUJI] Equipment Work - Click [ + ]  –> to see the concrete samples
  • 給湯器 [kyutoki] (きゅうとうき)を取り替えたい I want to replace the hot-water heater.
  • トイレを温水洗浄便座 [onsui senjo benza] (おんすいせんじょうべんざ) =ウォシュレット [washlet] (うぉしゅれっと)にしたい I want to replace the toilet with a bidet. (warm toilet seat)
  • 新しいトイレに交換したい I want to replace with a new toilet.
  • 和式便器 [washiki benki] (わしきべんき)を洋式便器 [youshiki benki] (ようしきべんき)に交換したい I want to replace a Japanese-style toilet with a Western-style toilet.
  • 洗面所 [senmenjo] (せんめんじょ)にシャワーヘッド (しゃわーへっど)を取り付けたい I want to install a shower head in my washroom.
  • 三面鏡 [sanmenkyou] (さんめんきょう)のついてる洗面台に取り替えたい I want to replace a washstand with a three-sided mirror.
  • お風呂[ofuro] (おふろ)を新しくしたい I want to renew my bathroom.
  • 水栓 [suisen] (すいせん)を取り替えたい I want to replace a water faucet.
  • システムキッチン(しすてむきっちん)を取り替える I want to replace a system kitchen.
  • キッチンにディスポーザー(でぃすぽーざー)を取り付けたい I want to install a disposer in the kitchen.
  • 食洗機 [shokusenki] (しょくせんき)を取り替えたい I want to replace the dishwasher.
  • 外国製の食洗機に取り替えたい I want to replace with a foreign-made dishwasher.
  • 洗濯機 [sentakuki] (せんたくき)を設置したい I want to install a washing machine.
  • 冷蔵庫 [reizouko] (れいぞうこ)を設置したい I want to install a refrigerator.
外構 / 外装工事 [GAIKOU / GAISOU KOUJI] Exterior Work - Click [ + ]  –> to see the concrete samples
  • 屋根 [yane] (やね)を葺き替える I want to tile a roof.
  • 外壁 [gaiheki] (がいへき)を塗り替えたい I want to repaint the exterior walls.
  • 庭を和風庭園 [wafu teien] (わふうていえん)にしたい I want to turn my garden into a Japanese-style garden.
  • 庭に芝生 [sibafu] (しばふ)をはりたい I want to plant a lawn in my garden.
  • 駐車場にカーポートを取り付けたい I want to install a carport in the parking lot.
  • 自転車 [jitensha] (じてんしゃ)置き場に屋根を取り付けたい I want to install a roof on my bicycle parking lot.
  • 庭にウッドデッキ  (うっどでっき)を作りたい I want to build a wooden deck in my garden.
  • 庭にサンルーム (さんるーむ)を作りたい I want to build a sunroom in my garden.
  • コンクリートブロック (こんくりーとぶろっく)で壁を作りたい I want to build a wall with concrete blocks.
  • 屋上やベランダに防水塗装 [bousui tosou] (ぼうすいとそう)をしたい I want to paint the rooftop and veranda with waterproof paint.
  • 物置 [monooki] (ものおき)を建てたい I want to build a shed.
  • サンシェード (さんしぇーど) = オーニング(おーにんぐ)を取り付けたい I want to install a san shade.
  • 庭に雑草[zassou] (ざっそう)が生えないようにしたい I want to prevent weeds from growing in my garden.
  • シロアリ(しろあり)を駆除 [kujo] (くじょ)したい I want to get rid of termites.


Advisor for Renovation, Repair, Construction and Real Estate

REPAIR in Japan

Repair work in JapanAre you living in Japan and suffering from any of the problems listed below?
In your country, you may be able to solve these problems by yourself or have someone you can consult, but what about in Japan?
Unlike in your country, there are circumstances unique to Japan (different wattage and voltages, high humidity in Japan, measures to prepare for snow and earthquakes, etc.), so you may not even know how much the repair cost is. It is not always easy to find a good contractor on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are many malicious companies and they may charge you exorbitant fees, so you need to be careful.

Examples of various problems that require repair - Click [ + ] 
  • 家の壁に亀裂 [kiretsu] (きれつ)が入っている Cracks in the wall of the house
  • 床が傷 [kizu] (きず)だらけだ The floor is full of scratches.
  • 床がきしむ Floor is creaky
  • 排水溝 [haisuiko] (はいすいこう)の水の流れが悪い Water does not flow well in the drains
  • 排水溝が臭い[kusai] (くさい) Smelly drains
  • 屋根裏 [yaneura] (やねうら)にねずみがいる There are rats in the attic.
  • どこからかゴキブリ(ごきぶり)がでてくる Cockroaches coming out of nowhere
  • 蛇口 [jaguchi] (じゃぐち)の表面が水垢 [mizuaka] (みずあか)だらけだ The surface of the faucet is covered with water stains.
  • 壁に穴 [ana] (あな)があいている There is a hole in the wall
  • トイレが詰まっている [tsumatteiru] (つまっている) Toilet is clogged
  • トイレの床が濡れている [nureteiru] (ぬれている) The floor of the toilet is wet.
  • 蛇口から水漏れ [mizumore] (みずもれ)している Water is leaking from the faucet
  • 洗濯機の排水 [haisui] (はいすい)がうまくいっていない The washing machine is not draining properly
  • 壁紙が濡れている [nureteiru] (ぬれている) Wallpaper is wet
  • 屋根から雨漏り [amamori] (あまもり)している The roof is leaking
  • カビの匂い [kabi no nioi] (かびのにおい)がする Smell of mildew
  • 家全体の湿気[shikke] (しっけ)が高い High humidity in the whole house
  • ブレーカー (ぶれーかー)がよく落ちる Circuit breakers are often tripped
  • 雨樋 [amadoi] (あまどい)が割れている The gutter is cracked
  • エアコンがカビ臭い [kabikusai] (かびくさい) Air conditioner smells moldy
  • 床下 [yukashita] (ゆかした)がカビ臭い Smell of mold under the floor
  • 床下の換気 [kanki] (かんき)が悪い Poor ventilation under the floor


Advisor for Renovation, Repair, Construction and Real Estate


Construction in JapanIf you buy an old house or condo and do a full renovation, or if you buy land and build a new house, you also need a reliable contractor. In Japan, even the major home builders don’t have nearly as many salespeople who can speak English. Building a house or fully renovating it from a skeleton state can cost a lot of money, unlike a minor renovation. It can be a once-in-a-lifetime investment with debt, so you can’t afford to fail. Unless you can speak Japanese and have lived in Japan for a long time and are familiar with Japanese culture, finding a reliable builder can be a challenge.

Even if you are planning to build with self-build, you will probably need the advice of a designer to ensure that the construction is in compliance with the building code.

Do you have any of the following requests regarding construction? - Click [ + ] 
  • I want to build a house, so I want to order a reliable contractor.
  • I want to be introduced to a reliable architect.
  • I want to build a house by self-building, but I want to leave the important parts such as the frame to professionals.
  • I want to have my house checked for defects.
  • I want to apply for a subsidy.

Advisor for Renovation, Repair, Construction and Real Estate


Real estate searching in JapanIf you are going to live in Japan on a working holiday or studying abroad, you will probably need to find a place to live.
However, the Japanese real estate market is not open to foreigners. First of all, most real estate agencies do not speak English. And the building owners of rental apartments are often conservative, elderly private owners who are not keen on renting out their rooms to foreigners.

This means that finding an English-speaking real estate agent and finding a building owner who is willing to accept foreigners is not an easy task.

If you have the support of someone who can speak English and is familiar with the real estate situation, the real estate agent will be able to introduce you to good properties. This is because if communication fails and things get tricky, the real estate company will lose the trust of the building owner.

Even if you can find a real estate agency that speaks English, they will not show you every property. They will only show you properties that are acceptable to foreigners. In other words, they are unsold properties with no Japanese renters to be found.

I am not a real estate agent, although I have a real estate broker’s license. This means that I can be 100% on the side of the renter. And I support you to find a suitable property for you.

1. Searching suitable properties

Of course, there are many portal sites in Japan to search for real estate (e.g., Sumo, at home, etc.) If you can read Japanese without difficulty, you can use those search sites to find real estate properties. However, unfortunately, it is not possible to search for Japanese real estate properties in English in the real estate industry, which is not proactive about renting or selling to foreigners. (There are some websites in English, but only a few of them have properties listed.)

Furthermore, the properties listed on these real estate portals sites are not all of the properties that are available for rent or sale.
There is a real estate network for agents (REINS) that only real estate agents can see, and there are many properties listed there that ordinary consumers cannot search.
Strictly speaking, there are many properties that are not even listed on this REINS.

If you are looking for real estate properties in Japan, you should be aware of this fact first.

2. Explaining you lease contract written in Japanese

The contract for a normal real estate rental or sales property is written in Japanese. It is not a good idea to sign an important contract without understanding it properly. In addition, because of Japan’s unique real estate culture, a simple English translation may be misunderstood.  Eespecially it can be extremely difficult to understand 重要事項説明書 [JYUYOUJIKOU SETSUMEISHO] (じゅうようじこうせつめいしょ) written in Japanese, which is written in legal terms.
If you show us the contract or agreement, I should be able to explain the important points in it.


3. Conflict resolution in between lessee and lessor

There are some problems that may arise in the property you are renting. The return of your security deposit when you move out, water leaks, malfunctioning equipment, payment of renewal fees, renewal of your contract, etc.
Even if you have someone who speaks English to help you when you first move in, if you don’t have someone to support you during the process of moving in, you may have a hard time dealing with a Japanese real estate agent for these problems. If this is the case, please contact me.


4. Taking pictures and movies in the area where you will live in

If you can’t come to Japan for house hunting, wouldn’t you like to know what kind of town you will be living in before you move in? Where is the supermarket?
How far is it from the station?
What kind of things are sold in the shopping street?
What’s the atmosphere of the town like?
Are there rivers, mountains, oceans and other natural features nearby?

We also offer a service to send photos and videos of such living environments.

Advisor for Renovation, Repair, Construction and Real Estate